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Battle of 9-11 Paradigms

Although the specifics of quantum theory can't be observed, the concept is accepted because it makes correct predictions. While not encouraging idle speculation, perhaps we might be able to explain policy in the terms of the explanatory paradigms.
On the one hand we have the laudable anti-terror viewpoint. On the other, we have the deep politics perspective. We should consider, and ask the doubtful:

What are the nations that support terror the most?
What are the nations with resources we want?
Which of the two is Bush's policy aligned with?

What are the best ways to combat terror? Have any of them been implemented?
How have tyrants in the past obtained dictatorial power?
Again, which goal is Bush aiming towards?

There has been activity reported on the east coast, with al Qaeda making themselves conspicuous. And July 4th has been thrown around as a date of possible terrorism. What might be a possible target if you wanted to 'destroy freedom'? What would be a good target if you wanted to silence the opposition?

It's been noted a west coast incident might make the problem look more 'national'. But I can't help but be slightly curious as to the location of things in California that might need to be disappeared. Some evidence in California that's incriminating to Enron, or the like. I'm not familiar with the west coast, so I don't pretend to be informed. But when dealing with danger, I will float this theory out. Make of it what you will.