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Dick Cheney's Monday a.m. Schedule

Here's the scoop on Dick Cheney's Monday morning schedule for those interested in protesting the visit.
I checked with Gordon Smith's campaign headquarters and found out the following:

WHAT: Breakfast fundraiser for Sen. Gordon Smith's reelection, starring Dick Cheney

WHEN: Monday, June 24, 2002. Doors open at 7am, and breakfast is at 7:30am

WHERE: The Hilton Hotel, SW Broadway, between Salmon and Taylor, Portland, OR.

DETAILS: There is no public access (big surprise) unless you whip out your checkbook. The ccess varies, from $250 for sitting all the way across the hotel from Dick, to $10,000 to buy a piece of eye contact and smarm him.

A gathering of activist outside the hotel at 7am would be a divine sight. That's when the Republican fundraisers will be arriving, in hat and pearls, and it's also when downtown Portland starts going to work, which'd increase the visibility of our message.

give up 19.Jun.2002 14:43


Why don't you people ever give up your silliness and do something meaningful and constructive? Just because other unimaginative people do the same thing doesn't mean anything, it's just trite and boring. Are you the same ones who, as children, threw tantrums in public to get your way?Evidently you don't value thought, but a lot of people do. Walking around with your nose in the air and a Gandhi book with front cover prominently displayed, while you show your "love" by screaming obscenities, accomplishes NOTHING.
Obviously you don't really care much about anything but yourselves, your "love" and "caring" is a huge sham. You are not even full of hate. Nothing in your boring existences warrants hate. You should hate the fact that you are the slaves of the masters who indoctrinate you with doublespeak and slogans. Old, boring masters at that. Of course, it is your right to act silly and destructive. When you have real need, for truth, for caring about you, yourselves, for validation, do your masters, the old tired relics, come to your aid? If your brain cells aren't too far wasted, try thinking for YOURSELF.Everything doesn't have to be a conspiracy or a television plot. That's a whole industry in itself, and you but right into into it. Anyone who really cares about you would not work out their own "issues" on you. Acting like obnoxious children will never stop anything, you only have the illusion that it will.

Convincing 19.Jun.2002 15:15

Agent Orange

Gee, I WAS thinking of going and protesting Dick Cheney's visit, but thanks to your revelatory (not to mention SPECIFIC) statements have shown me the err of my ways. I think I will go grow up, get a job, stop smoking dope and vote responsibly to show my political involvment.

Christ, give me a break.

A quick glance at a history book sometime might reveal that when people get out into the streets, start talking to thier neighbors, and get pissed (ie start throwing tantrums) GASP..!

Things change.

It's our world anyhow. I don't believe anyone voted to give it to our current corporate barons.

Give up you say? 19.Jun.2002 19:50


Athenias - you confused twit! You have the right to believe that protest of the power elite is silly and destructive. Then you also state, "You should hate the fact that you are the slaves of the masters who indoctrinate you with doublespeak and slogans." What shall I do with that hate that you so vehemently recommend? Shall I peacefully protest, like MLK Jr. or Gandi or millions of other unnamed slaves to the oppressors? No? Well, since you are so enlighted on the workings of the world, what might you recommend? Shall I get a gun and shoot these people with my hate of their greed, or strap a bomb to myself and blow them and innocent bystanders up? Then what? The NSA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and other well armed and well trained assasins will haul me off to some secret military tribunal in Cuba for torture. And all I will scream is "Athenias - the confused twit, he put me up to this!" But I digress, for speaking of obnoxious, trite, and boring - you recommend GIVING UP! So go ahead, lay down and shut up! We will tirelessly fight them without violence, and you can sit back and beride us for it. Just keep thinking for yourself and keep it to yourself until you have something constructive to say.

meet at 7 AM monday 21.Jun.2002 00:52


pankace breakfast at 7 a.m. at the south park blocks on Monday Morning