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Cheney Welcoming Sign Making Party

Tonight and Saturday there is a chance to make signs to welcome Cheney.
Both events are Bring Your Own Materials.

SIGN MAKING party-BYO sign making supplies + refreshments to share, 6-10 pm Wed June 19 @ 1421 SE Stark, Portland

Sign Making Party-BYO sign making supplies + refreshments to share, noon-6pm or later saturday june 22nd @ 321 N IVY, Liberty Hall.
The Katz's Ass 19.Jun.2002 14:22



War Criminal Dick Cheney

is coming to our town. Mayor Vera Katz is hereby ordered by the people of the City of Portland to execute the following Public Safety measures:

1. Commit the entire Police force to surrounding terrorist Cheney whenever and wherever he presents himself in our city.

2. To protect our children and love ones have any and all of his movements contained in highly visible vehicles with flashing light and sirens to warn all citizens of the danger of his presence.

3. Seek Federal funding to disinfect our City after his visit. Pass all cost of policing his presence onto the Federal 'Authorities'. Request Federal disaster assistance for the damage the physiological insult to the people his visit will bring.

4. You have been warned

Dick Cheney before Cheney Dick's you.
presented by
Franklin University of Central Kansas Youth Outreach and Uplift


Creative ideas to welcome Dick 19.Jun.2002 19:41


A couple of suggestions for a creative "people's welcome" to the CEO of the Washington Oilers' team:

A) Have several activists dress up(w/ cardboard replicas of 55-gal. barrels) as "OIL DrUMMIES for CHENEY" and loudly cheer the "slicky Dick" every time he mentions Profits, War, or National Security. It doesn't hurt to bring giant Red, White & Blue banners that proclaim, "United We Stand for First Strikes everywhere!"

B) Other activists can dress up as "Enron executives for a free lunch and free advice on deregulations." Be sure to chant,"What a brilliant trick, We love our Halliburton Dick!"