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BD Dunces

Bush Daddy Dunces: You can teach a dunce, but you can't teach him much! Severe blockage for this one. Must be good stuff!
Bush Daddy Dunces: You can teach a dunce, but you can't teach him much!
My Daddy says that ___kosky dude might have benefitted from the advice that I relayed to him on Ithaca IMC; but he needed to know the specifics of the move. I told him that it was probably best to grab a moron by the throat if you wanted them to pay attention, feed them to the wolves, whatever. I did that in DC when a vagrant who I had put up at my house came running back after my dog, Gigi (85389) to whom he had attached a lease! No leashes on my dogs! Sensing that he had been taking the dog up to Rhode Island Ave. NE to sell her to drug dealers; I grabbed him by the throat, got him to admit his intentions, and proceeded to explain how I was going to keep him confined to the back porch until he departed along with a lot of other "dos and don'ts". I suppose that the matter of his "last known address" crossed my mind too. Now I really didn't grab his throat, for the larynx can be crushed like a cardboard tube. I had my thumb and forefinger underneath the back of his jaw, and I was lifting him up. He was on his toes, and it seems like the only thing that he could do was nod his head in agreement to anything that I said. So all the ___kosky dude had to do was grab the "moron" as described and get him to admit that he had committed a sin that was worthy of death (Rom. 1:32). If the ___kosky dude decided that he was going to release the "moron" after all, he would probably have to say; "Look! There's people watching! You were begging for death, and you admitted it. I don't want to kill you, but my hand is upset! You smile at those people over there and stroke my hand in a loving manner to show them that everything is just fine. Then maybe my hand won't crush your windpipe and drop you like a rag doll!" The niggardly asinine Zionist idiots have probably encouraged the ___kosky dude to create debatable art in order to promote such confrontations. If this confrontation has convinced ___kosky dude that the land is full of niggardly asinine Zionist idiots, perhaps that will help "Judge Judy" convince him that this "house" needs to built like an impenetrable fortress (185011). I admit that this "throat hold" is a rather drastic way to "teach" someone; but it is probably the only effective way to personally deal with the dunces of Bush Daddy Tribe.

What is happening in this country is a subliminal repeat of what happened in Nazi Germany. The military apparently can't figure out why the people allegedly support the dunces of BDT because it is being concealed that all significant opposition is being silenced (24603 & 35206). It has apparently been concealed by the powers-that-be that Hitler tested all of the chemicals used by BDT in the holocaust to determine why, how, and when they would kill a person. This is why the chemicalmongering practices of the Nicolaitans of BDT have become the hallmark of "Bush Daddy's Third Reich" (174299, Rev. 2:6,15). The dunces of BDT have caused people to reject the knowledge of yesterday about these chemicals (2 Tim. 3:1-5) by targetting anyone who displays intelligence and by convincing people to tolerate stupidity and to ignore lawlessness. Most of us have been programmed to ignore the plight of the innocent as the dunces mouth moronic lunacies to justify killing innocent people who were not opposing anyone (Is. 57:1; James 5:6). "That's the way they do these things!" "Nothing's going to happen!" "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It" (41739). The dunces of BDT have refined the Nazism of yesterday by working from the "closet" (171618), by focusing on rendering education and government worthless, and by concealing the victims of their holocaust (35206). If you catch them supporting utter falsehoods, confessing to crimes, or committing crimes; you usually hear: "What are you going to do? Kill me?" This is part of their creative nonviolent scheme to get you to accept their evilness (33468), and yet another opportunity to "teach" them as the ___kosky dude should have.

My "White Oak Story" in the fourth paragraph of "Bush Daddy Walk" (183807) exposed how the dunces of BDT have suppressed the common knowledge of yesterday to make the White Oak a rarity. Since the Red Oak and the Black Oak have disease problems, BDT would not oppose your growing them that much. Since the White Oak has relatively few disease problems, you would probably have better luck growing marijuana. The destruction of the predominately oak forests of North America is practically complete now. They come up with creative arguements for replanting the forests with trees that do not benefit the land as the oak did. There is probably no other tree that can survive a drought as the oak can, for the leaves of the oak can apparently conserve moisture better than any other tree. Since God has placed emphasis on the strength of the oak (Amos 2:9), the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots have concentrated on getting rid of the oaks via their "piss on roses" practice or other means (185011). The suppression of knowledge of the juvenile stage of the oak seedling and how it differs from the year-old form of the tree is so great that the juvenile stage was rarely mentioned during my four year study of horticulture at Cornell. If you look up "oak seedlings" on www.google.com.; you will probably find pictures of yearlings; i.e. juvenile seedlings that have produced true oak leaves for their second year of growth. What they are apparently trying to conceal is that the oak reproduces true via the tiny seeds that produce juvenile seedlings. I had a few acorns come up this year with what looked like true oak leaves on the plants; but it is obvious that the seedlings from acorns are probably mutations that will not produce good oak trees. This "crusade" to prevent the oak from making a comeback is so extensive that very rarely do you find an oak tree that naturally survives from the trillions of seeds that germinate every year. Instead of trying to catch these niggardly asinine Zionist idiots destroying oaks in the wild, you can probably get them to come to you by putting oaks in containers (Mic. 2:12). For those who doubt the value of a juvenile oak, you might want to carry a machete and ask if they've come to give blood. Blood makes good fertilizer. There's probably not much else that you could teach Bush Daddy Dunces in the field of horticulture.

PS: When Bush Daddy Dunces filled my neighborhood with gas fumes by filling a dumpster with old tarpaper that they had removed with petroleum, I kept telling the bus driver that the best solution was probably to throw a book of matches in the dumpster and say, "If you want to sniff gas, get a rag!" Can't teach them much!

Referenced (numbers) are for articles on www.indymedia.org.; i.e. Global IMC Open newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PPS: PM Friday: Been having some trouble via Deaf Relay reaching "friends in Pennsylvania. Long ago I abandoned New York Relay when they went so far as to set up a relay center in "Nicky's" stronghold of Vestal (62371). I was using Maryland Relay, which was the best in the nation; but then they started intercepting MD Relay calls at a relay center in Pennsylvania. The PA Center charges toll for numbers that are local via MD Relay in Maryland or via NY Relay. On NY Relay the Messiah wannabes are apparently interrupting communications, changing the text of my messages, or denying access all together. Plus busy signals are the norm. I knew that it was probably our local Messiahs (180797) interfering tonight because relay typed that they were overhead saying, "some deaf kid". I don't think that Pennsylvania has gone that stupid yet, so it had to be some Messiah wannabe intercepting the calls. NY Relay operators apparently loved to be threatened to do evil. So I used up a time card tonight trying to get through to "friends in PA" about coming up with my cousin Bobby to pick up oak seedlings and was trying to tell them that late Saturday afternoon or anytime soon is best, for these wannabe-trees grow like madness. For the cost of the two liters containers to hold plants, they could probably make 20,000 in a few weeks. As you should know, cousin Bobby is still making good on the VA surgery that I wrote about (43985). Thinking that my "friends from Pennsylvania" were coming up today, they blocked off my driveway, doing $800 in damage to the center strip of my two lane grass driveway that was under construction; 8th replanting!. I hope that these guys move for these plants. My brother keeps taking them out in the woods and killing them. Philly IMC has been cut off to me. They apparently killed the Criminal Justice Section and won't allow me to post any more. Get this to them if possible. I am not sure of their threshold of attention. Bob. Note also the fires burning in Denver, a stronghold of the Bush Daddy Tribe (45625 & 45696).

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