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What plans are there for the Cheney visit?

Does anyone know of anything that's planned?
I'm trying to plan something for the visit, and had expected to see some concrete plans out there by now. The only thing I have heard so far is a rough plan to meet at the Max station out by the Embassy Suites at 2:30pm. Is anyone planning for Monday morning? Any info on where the Smith fundraiser is and when?

Or are people going to pass on this?

I know that the "organizing meeting" on Monday night was pretty much just PPRC folks, and didn't really come up with anything.

Maybe we should skip this, and plan something for the Les Schwab/USA #1/July 4 parade...
Cheney plans 19.Jun.2002 12:42

Renee pdx-beirut-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Nothing has been announced here because we're not quite sure what's happening. As soon as the location is confirmed, it will be announced here first. At this point, it looks like he will NOT be at the Embassy Suites at the airport.

More on Dick Cheney visit 19.Jun.2002 12:48


I checked with Gordon Smith's campaign headquarters and found out the following:

WHAT: Breakfast fundraiser for Sen. Gordon Smith's reelection, starring Dick Cheney

WHEN: Monday, June 24, 2002. Doors open at 7am, and breakfast is at 7:30am

WHERE: The Hilton Hotel, SW Broadway, between Salmon and Taylor, Portland, OR.

DETAILS: There is no public access (big surprise) unless you whip out your checkbook. The access varies, from $250 for sitting all the way across the hotel from Dick, to $10,000 to buy a piece of eye contact and smarm him.

A gathering of activist outside the hotel at 7am would be a divine sight. That's when the Republican fundraisers will be arriving, in hat and pearls, and it's also when downtown Portland starts going to work, which'd increase the visibility of our message.


Re: Cheney Plans 19.Jun.2002 13:12

antayla antayla@hotmail.com

Well if that is the case, there are going to be alot of dissapointed young fascists waiting there for him :P


No worries though, I'm sure that if they set a new location we can be there in time to give Cheney a piece of our minds.

what? 19.Jun.2002 14:27


yeah, what do you mean, he's not going to be at embassy suites? who told you that? It's all over the young republican's website, that doesn't make sense.

Cheney location 19.Jun.2002 14:34


If you read the site carefully, it doesn't actually say that he will be at the Embassy Suites. It only implies it - and from what I've heard, he won't be out in that area at all. We still need confirmation either way. It's possible that the Young Republicans are getting on buses and going somewhere (downtown?) to meet Cheney.