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Cointell NO!

Real people- Real problems- if we bury them they will grow.
and Please! The fact that we even know there's a grand jury demonstrates that indy media is a force for social change. Weather this change is positive or not remains to be seen. What matters is the truth. I believe Indy is -A- tool that will help us get there.
Diggers right we don't have a community..
It's really sad but the only thing cointell pro about this load of crap is how we're not communicating, how were taking little action to the ends of really forming a community of revolutionary action. People in this town dig in like isreal vs palastine and our concessions are like those pizza parties some bosses give in leu of that raise you needed.
I'm talking about people on all sides of this fence.
Yeah, people at cfa know who did the pastes. Does this make thier every move an act of justice or liberty?- I doubt it.
NO more than our frustrations about the lack of MEANINGFULL DIOLOGUE CONCERNING THIS GRAND JURY gives my bother licence to dig up our comrades body and continue to harass cfa. I think he's sees this. I hope at least..
I misunderstood the facts as they were relayed to me concerning the arson in my origional and subsequent posts. I passed this confusion on. I had one really charged conversation with Craig and wrote this inflamitory post in an effort to riase questions about a grand jury that no one at the time new about. At the time I was acting under the belief that people who did know about this in cfa were trying to keep it hush hush. I was acting foolishly in my anger.
I agree with anybody that says we need to check our heads on a community level. If were smart we'll see that communities are made up of individuals and personally question our authority. Our authority to keep quiet about whats really happening and to whoem. Our authority to let CFA bear the blame for this when according to cfa folks only one member currently- Martha- and one guy that broke with cfa some time ago- Donald- have anything to do with this. My authority, our AUTHORITY to BLAME while we deny our complicity in maintaining the very social desease that permiates us all. The same one that eats at our hearts and the relationships that tie this movement together. This needs to stop! People can deny others questions as cointell pro gobble de gouk. But the truth is alot of people are asking some really sincere questions and not getting answers. The oness is not just on cfa- but on us all! To tear down this wall of silence and expose the truth..
I suppose someone will say isn't he in effect the pot calling the kettle black? Well I aggree. The only reply I have is that RIGHT NOW- it seems- our stronest relationship is this poverty of character we share. That more people are begining to care about this poverty is a change for the better.

When I last spoke to digger he said that he would ask the collective to have a meeting to find out the extent of what people there knew. That he'd try to find out when Martha's grand jury mtg. is so we can ORGANIZE!!! It feels like we're getting off track lately..

Please call me!!!
Michael b.

phone: phone: 503-493-1105

?? 18.Jun.2002 23:32

Kenesaw Mountain Landis

One of the good things about Indy Media is that it allows for the immediate posting of information, as when valid information about the sitting Federal Grand Jury in Portland was posted.
An alert reader can also readily go back relatively easily to access the original articles, as they could do with the article this writer posted about the grand jury, which was based on information available at the time. As well, useful links can be posted, so that readers who are interested in the FBI's attacks on forest and environmental activists can look up information about the victory in the Judi Bari case or refer to the experience of Craig Rosebraugh in fighting off grand juries.
One of the bad things about Indy Media is that it allows for the posting of uninformed rumors, speculation and thoughtless rants.
Dear Michael B., could you please stop posting until you learn the difference?
I have no problem with the fact that you can't spell and ignore common rules of grammar. I have a major problem with the fact that you put up a provocative post and are now rambling to no clear end. If you wish to help those who are facing a grand jury, ask them what to do. If you're a member of CFA, then report what they have decided, not what you want to happen. And if you wish to report so others will respond, then learn to write a straightforward declarative sentence and cite sources. If you wish to meander, please go to the forest.
Different people have different skills, perhaps your talent lies elsewhere. The ability to type is not the same as the ability to make sense. Good luck to us all.