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Wed 6/19 6.30pm - NEW DOCUMENTARY FILM SCREENING - 'In Whose Interest?'

'In Whose Interest?' - a documentary response to 9/11, questioning the effects of post-WWII US foreign policy, focusing on Guatemala, Vietnam, East Timor, El Salvador, and Palestine/ Israel.
6:30pm Wednesday 19 June
Contact: David and Madlyn
510 469 6683 (cell)
Portland State University, 632 S. W. Hall St., Room 109

'In Whose Interest? The Practical Horrible Realities
of Power' is a fast moving and powerful 26-minute
documentary in response to 9/11. Filmmaker David
Kaplowitz leads us on an eyeopening journey,
questioning the effects of US foreign policy over the
past 50 years. Revealing a pattern of intervention,
the film focuses on Guatemala, Vietnam, East Timor, El
Salvador, and Palestine/ Israel. Archive footage,
photographs and media tidbits are dynamically
interwoven with personal eye-witness accounts,
commentary from academics (such as Noam Chomsky),
religious leaders and politicians. 'In Whose Interest'
is informative and disturbingly honest, yet upbeat,
with twists of irony and humor.

"Hard hitting, heart-rending, informative"
—Mel Gurtov, Professor of Political Science
&International Studies, Portland State University

"This is a film I will remember 20 years from now."
"This film changed the way I look at America."
—Students at Washington High School, San Francisco

The filmmaker will be present, and the film will be followed by Q & A / discussion. VHS copies of the film will be available - sliding scale $5-25.

phone: phone: 510 469 6683
address: address: Portland State University, 632 S W Hall St., Room 109

Where can I buy/rent a copy? 19.Jun.2002 13:21

Sue tduncan@pacifier.com

I won't be able to attned the showing. Will someone post info re: buying or renting a copy? Thanks

Ho, hum. More blowback. 19.Jun.2002 22:26

George Trinkaus teslapress@aol.com

More from the blowback theory. How can we get to the heart of the matter and know our true situation if we are distracted by this politically correct fashion? It's amazing how quickly the etiquette solidifies. Already certain discussions around 911 are socially acceptable and others are considered rude.

George Trinkaus
"NBC Spins 911"

I saw it 20.Jun.2002 23:55

Kate kateldoodl@aol.com

Hey everyone

I saw the film In Whose Interest?. It was remarkable!

Can someone please give me the contact info for the woman from the PSU middle east studeis center who helped to facilitate the screening?

I need it to get an internship i was offered.

Please help, and email me with the info. i've already looked around and the websites aren't helping.
thanks a lot :)