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Cheer for War

A war poem by my son, Dan Blais

Now itŐs time to cheer for war
Cheer for pain and death
Cheer for all the blood and gore
And cheer the wrath in the devilŐs breath
Soldiers dead on bloody grasses
Cheer the leaders on the throne
They play with bombs and gasses
Cheer them as they play the games
With only life at stake
Cheer them in the final days
As we watch the whole world bake
I can hear the cheers and song
And feel the pains of death
My mind has washed out with the tide
So now I too must cheer along.

Dan Blais
New Britain CT High School
Grade 12
wow 18.Jun.2002 23:06


I really like it, I'm going to pass that on to friends.

Bravo Dan 19.Jun.2002 03:02

Tom Blair

Bravo Dan. Very nicely writen.