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Ron Wyden sucks

Ron Wyden is nothing more then a Republican posing as a Democrat. Why?...
Ron Wyden is nothing more then a Republican posing as a Democrat. Why do I say this? HE VOTED YES FOR FAST TRACK. Do I need to say more? Any one who would vote to give bush MORE power is no Democrat! Get it. Don't ever support him, and call him and tell him he sucks! It's time to vote in the other parties. Wake up. Wyden is a Republican!
Was there a vote on Fast Track? 18.Jun.2002 20:34


Was there a vote on Fast Track again. It was in committee. Anything new anyone?

Fast Track fight isn't over 19.Jun.2002 13:26

Krista Hanson pcasc@igc.org

Yes, Ron Wyden is a disaster of a Democrat, selling all of us out and voting to give Bush more power. I agree, he should hear from us and stop getting Democrats' votes, as well as money from the labor and environmentalists he stabs in the back when he votes for Fast Track (and NAFTA nine years ago).

But if you're outraged, you can also join the campaign to stop Fast Track. Here in Oregon activists have been organizing for the past year, and we were able to get all of our Democratic Representatives (who say they are pro-free trade) to vote against it last fall. Now that it passed the House (barely) in December and in the Senate in May, activists are organizing to pressure Earl Blumenauer, David Wu, and Darlene Hooley to vote No again.

If you're angry about the idea of our Senators and Representatives giving Bush a blank check for negotiating away worker rights and environmental protection in the U.S. and abroad, call our Representatives! Or join the Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC) in our campaign to stop Fast Track by coming to a meeting. We meet the first and third Wednesday of every month at 616 E Burnside.

616 E Burnside