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Article by Anarchist prisoner Craig 'Critter' Marshall

Photo is of Craig 'Critter' Marshall currently serving a 5.5 year sentence in Snake River Prison in Ontario, Oregon for his role in setting fire to three SUV's at Romania Chevrolets in June 2000. On his right is anarchist prisoner Robert "Los Ricos" Thaxton who is serving a 7 year sentence at Oregon State Prison for riot and assault on a cop for his role in the 1999 Eugene Reclaim the Streets Action.
Craig Marshall #13797662 SRCI 777 Stanton Blvd. Ontario, OR 97914
Robert Thaxton-#12112716, OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310 USA
Checks/Money orders for Rob can be sent to Rob los Ricos, PO Box 50634,Eugene OR 97405
Article by Anarchist prisoner Craig 'Critter' Marshall
Article by Anarchist prisoner Craig 'Critter' Marshall
by Craig 'Critter' Marshall
April 16, 2002

It is unfortunate but as I see it, a great deal of the human concern for the environment is mainly focused on the impact that destroying
ecosystems and wildlife is having on humanity. This is another fine example of how humanity's selfishness comes to surface. "How will it affect
me?"-this is the overall mentality/problem that people involved/engulfed in civilization need to overcome for any life on this planet to survive.
Unfortunately, this thought of "how will it affect humans" is mostly what brings people to turn towards environmentalism. This is also the same
mentality that keeps the majority of environmentalist working within, thus supporting, a system that is based on this type of egotistical
selfishness. We need to break away from this mentality. A lost ecosystem is permanent whereas any success that is found through
environmental legislation is temporary. Anyone who disagrees should look at what the Regan and Bush administrations did to disable
environmental laws previously passed. Not that any other presidential administration was/is good, I'm just saying that these were some of the
worst in this regard. It is my belief that as a movement, we need to focus on how humans can co-exist with nature at a bare minimum; at
optimum, how can we stop civilization from existing at all; but really aren't these one in the same? To co-exist with nature doesn't mean we
need to pull away from civilization; it means we have to dismantle it.

It is beyond the point where we can just break off from society to live in the wild and have it bring about any positive change. While this would
take another person out of the corporate death machine it would do nothing to dismantle it, thus it would continue to churn. We need to be
doing this for life on this planet, because as long as people are only concerned with this viewpoint of "how can we save the planet for our
children"?, they are overlooking the reality of the situation. If people are only concerned with human life they are never going to see what's been
staring them in the face since the dawn of time. Everything on this planet is part of a balancing act and one needs to look at all sides of this
intricate scale. If you remove something from one side of this intricate scale, all of the other sides are affected.

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