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America's dark heart

"There Ought to be Limits to Freedom!" - George W Bush (at a Press conference at the Texas State House, May 21, 1999)
By Bridget GibsonThere's no excuse anymore. It is apparent that the elected representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives are doing their constituents' bidding. Within a majority of the citizens of this nation lies a murderous heart.

You have silently or vocally called upon your representatives to destroy our future. You have wantonly allowed the warmonger attitudes to take control of the agenda of this country. You have supported the killing and the destruction of anything that is 'different' than from you.

A letter or a phone call has proven too great a task. Your voices of dissent have remained tucked in some closet. The rule of law means nothing to you. You allow a fascist regime to ram the United States Constitution into the trash can of history. You should be ashamed. You do not deserve to be a free people and you are getting your desire.

Jose Padilla will have lots of company. On May 8, 2002, he was apprehended in the Chicago O'Hare Airport and held 'under suspicion'. No charges have been filed against him and the Justice Department does not plan to file any. He has not had a hearing. He cannot be contacted by his court appointed attorney. He has been named an 'enemy combatant' and will be held until our undeclared permanent 'war' is over. If he ever has a trial, it will be one of George's 'military tribunals' where no one will hear the evidence presented against him and he may be executed upon the whim of a man that was not elected by the majority of the American people.

What a sad state of affairs.

June 13, 2002, marked the six-month anniversary of George's nullification of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. That very night missile tests by the government resumed. Now Russia has stated that since the ABM no longer exists, they are not bound by the Start II agreement of 1993 and they have begun their nuclear build-up. China has also decided that nuclear is the future (what an oxymoron!) and George's cabinet has shown its support of that decision.

The CIA has been given the go-ahead to assassinate Saddam Hussein and the Congress has shown great support for that decision.

I guess we should start making that short list of things that we want to accomplish in our lifetimes and get cracking because time is running out. Global warming has been melting the permafrost of Alaska, but if George and his thugs have their way, that should not be anyone's greatest fear.

You should fear yourselves. You have, from the moment that George ascended his dictator's throne, supported his wet dream of world domination. Just remember that we won't survive it.

Reprinted from America Held Hostile

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but on the bright side... 18.Jun.2002 09:29

the jheri curl kid drippy_juicy_curl@yahoo.com

...news broadcasters don't have to work nearly as hard at propaganda anymore--when all you have to do is take a mini-frame picture of a "Middle-eastern looking man" replete w/ beard and non-smiling and follow it with a full screen shot of the same mug, the suburbanites will practically shit their pants (News channel 8 repeated this psy-0p process between 6:30 and 8:30am this morning).

less work for somebody is a good thing to me.