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Chemtrails CONFIRMED!

As a resurgence of unusual aerial trails crisscross Canadian skies, official confirmation of chemtrails has come from the U.S. Congress.
Chemtrails CONFIRMED!
Chemtrails CONFIRMED!


by William Thomas


"Chemtrails" is the term widely used to describe the brilliant white plumes laid down by U.S. Air Force tanker planes photo-identified over North America and a dozen other allied nations. Unlike normal condensation trails - which form when hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses in the frigid stratosphere like exhaled breath on a cold day - chemical trails linger for hours, turning clear skies into milky haze in a process the U.S. Air Force calls "aerial obscuration"

Chemtrail Ban Sought In Congress

"Chemtrails" also appear in House Resolution 2977. Introduced last October by Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, this bill called for the peaceful uses of space, and a ban on "exotic weapons". Section 7 of the "Space Preservation Act of 2001" sought specifically to prohibit "chemtrails".

Kucinich recently told the Columbus Alive newspaper (Jan. 24, 2002) that despite official denials, as head of the Armed Services oversight committee he is well acquainted with chemtrail projects. "The truth is there's an entire program in the Department of Defense, 'Vision for 2020,' that's developing these weapons," Kucinich told reporter Bob Fitrakis. The U.S. Space Command's 2020 vision calls for "dominance" of space, land, sea and air.

The unusual white plumes reported by Air Canada pilots, police officers and former military personnel over Canada and the U.S. during the past three years are often contrasted by brief, pencil-thin contrails left by commercial jets flying above them.

Contrails form when water vapor clumps around dirt particles acting as nuclei. According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, contrails can only form at temperatures below minus 76 degrees, and humidity levels of 70 percent or more. Even in ideal conditions, contrails rarely last more than 20 minutes.

But atmospheric studies by NASA and NOAA - including TARFOX, ACE-Asia, ACE-I and II, INDOEX and Project SUCCESS - confirm that artificial clouds and contrails can be manufactured under conditions of low humidity by dispensing particles from aircraft. The smaller the size of the nuclei introduced into the atmosphere, the greater the rate of artificial cloud formation.

Canadians Petition Parliament

Canadians were the first to complain about chemtrails to their federal government. On Nov. 18, 1999, NDP Defense critic Gordon Earl petitioned Parliament on behalf of 550 residents of Espanola, Ontario to "repeal any law that would permit the dispersal of military chaff or of any cloud-seeding substance whatsoever by domestic or foreign military aircraft without the informed consent of the citizens of Canada thus affected."

According to CBC Newsworld (Aug 29, 1999), "Many in the community have reported respiratory problems and strange aches and pains. Town council heard that some believe military jets are dropping material over the town as part of a weather experiment" - after laboratory tests confirmed the presence of aluminum in rainwater falling through chemtrails over Espanola five-times higher than provincial health safety limits.

The Ministry of Defense eventually replied, "It's not us."

Studies Prove Chemtrails Cannot Be Contrails

The "airliner" argument collapsed along with the Twin Towers, when heavy chemtrails were reported over Vancouver Island and widely separated U.S. cities despite the grounding of all commercial flights last Sept. 11, 12 and 13.

Photographs of heavy aerial gridding over Santa Fe, New Mexico and B.C.'s Sunshine Coast also contradict official weather data showing high altitude humidity at the same times and locations to be less than one third the moisture needed for contrails to form.

In Houston, Texas, Mark Steadham conducted a 62 day survey of jet traffic over that busy hub. Using a computer program called Flight Explorer, Steadham identified commercial and military aircraft sharing the same sky. The contrails from commercial jets dissipated within 22 seconds. The plumes left behind at the same time by big military jets persisted for four to eight hours.

Canadian and U.S. Aviation Officials Confirm Chemtrails

The first break in an investigation begun by the Environment News Service in Jan. 1999, came 11 months later when Victoria airport authority Terry Stewart returned a call to a Victoria resident concerned about the X's and grid patterns being laid over the B.C. capitol. "It's a military exercise, a U.S. and Canada air force exercise that's going on," Stewart reported on Dec. 8, 2000. "They wouldn't give me any specifics on it."

The "specifics" came in March the following year, when Maine radio reporter S. T. Brendt called a senior Air Traffic Control manager after she, her news director and staff counted 370 plumes filling skies normally devoid of commercial aircraft. During his hitch in U.S. Navy Intelligence, Brendt's husband had never seen an aerial armada this big. "It looked like an invasion," Lou Aubuchont said.

The FAA manager told Brendt he had been ordered to redirect incoming commercial flights around "military exercises" on several occasions that month. In follow-up interviews at the WMWV studios, the government official confirmed widespread chemtrail activity. As they flew north into Canada, he said, the planes were spraying a substance that showed up as a "haze" on Air Traffic Control radar screens.

This characteristic signature of radar beams reflecting off fine aluminum particles confirmed the Espanola lab tests. It also matched a patent issued to Hughes Aircraft Corp. in 1994. This practical blueprint described spraying reflective aluminum particles into Earth's greenhouse atmosphere, "For the Reduction of Global Warming".

Computer simulations at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory showed that spraying 10 million tons of aluminum oxide into the upper atmosphere would reflect between one and two percent of incoming sunlight. The predictions promised no net warming over 85 percent of the earth surface, despite a predicted doubling of CO2 within the next 50 years.

The biggest lobby pushing for a reduction in global warming are insurance companies bigger than Big Oil and the international trade in arms. Multinationals such as the Swiss Reinsurance Company and Lloyd's of London report unsustainable losses incurred by Extreme Weather Events caused by a rapidly warming planet. It is feared that if they go bankrupt, so will the money markets and banks that back them.

Andrew Dlugolecki - director of one of the world's six biggest insurance groups, CGNU - warned the Hague two years ago that unless action is taken to curb global warming, the resulting damage will exceed the dollar value of all the world's resources by 2065. "Already we're beginning to run out of money in the insurance industry," Dlugolecki declared.

It was Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, who called for spraying a chemical "sunscreen" at a 1998 International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies. Besides disturbing regional weather patterns, Teller's chief climate modeler, Ken Caldeira worries about negative health effects. The atmospheric scientist who crunched the numbers on Teller's "sky shield" further warns such a project could, "destroy the ozone layer". Caldeira believes the U.S. government will publicly admit to chemtrails this spring.

Health Hazard

Scientists say aluminum oxide as inert as sand poses no toxic threat. But after examining more than 3,000 health studies published since 1997, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency confirmed a strong link between tiny particulates and thousands of premature deaths each year.

According to a New York Times feature, "Tiny Bits of Soot Tied to Illnesses" (April 21, 2001), numerous health studies show that "microscopic motes - composed of metals, carbon and other ingredients - are able to infiltrate the tiniest compartments in the lungs and pass readily into the bloodstream and have been most strongly tied to illness and early death, particularly in people who are already susceptible to respiratory problems."

In a report headlined, "Tiny particles can kill" New Scientist (Aug. 5, 2000) reported a Harvard "Six Cities" study, which "identified particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns as threat to public health."

Barium Chemtrails

A scientist working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base told Columbus Alive (Dec. 6, 2001) that two different chemtrails projects are currently being conducted by the U.S. military. One involves creating clouds to cool global warming.

Chemtrails are also being deployed by the Pentagon to suspend a mixture of barium stearate and fine iron particles as a temporary atmospheric antenna for conducting radio and radar waves over the horizon. The soapy stearate used to carry the airborne iron particles appears in the sky as prismatic bands of color.

Barium-iron chemtrails were reportedly used to create long range radio-and-radar "ducting" during sustained air strikes on Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. The scientist interviewed by Fitzrakis also stated that barium chemtrails are being used in conjunction with an "atmospheric heater" called HAARP in Gakon, Alaska.

HAARP's inventor Bernard Eastland told this reporter that the principal purpose of this multi-million watt weapon is to "steer the jet stream" and change the weather. His patent calls for spraying barium in the atmosphere to enhance the effects of HAARP. "Wright-Pat has long been deeply engaged in HAARP's electromagnetic warfare program," Eastlund told Columbus Alive.

If some of the chemtrails being sprayed overhead contain compounds for conducting electromagnetic energy, residents of all affected communities could be in even graver danger from the intense electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphone and microwave transmitter towers, radar installations at military bases, high-voltage power lines, high-power military relay towers and myriad other well-documented sources of "electronic smog" - 15 million times more intense than natural background levels.

Barium chemtrails could accidentally amplify these already hazardous electromagnetic emanations.

Canadian military officers at Canadian Forces Base Comox spokesmen have heatedly denied the existence of this joint military operation. But Terry Stewart told the Vancouver Courier (Aug. 15, 2001) that his information confirming the Canada-U.S. military exercise came directly from CFB Comox.

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Veteran reporter William Thomas has covered stories suppressed by the mainstream media for more than 30 years. He is the award-winning author of Scorched Earth, Bringing The War Home, Probing The Chemtrails Conundrum, Alt. Health, All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion. His video documentaries include "Eco War", "Waterwise" and "Chemtrails: Mystery Lines In The Sky".

on a daily 18.Jun.2002 09:43

the jheri curl kid

hey, they lay these things down on a daily basis (seems like it) in the PDX-area skies; even when there is partial cloud cover, you'll see these thru breaks in the clouds.

one day i was walking to the Rose Center TC around noon and one of these cowboys was emitting a 'trail. the sky was clear and the sun was out and there was a rainbow halo around the sun. the 'trail bisected this halo and with the sun in the middle it 'marked out' the sun--No Sunlight it seemed to be saying.

no hope, no future :) thanks us air farce. where were you idiots when your leader was allowing planes to topple buildings? oh that's right, you were to stand down and let it happen. lemmings.

Montreal in Chemtrails 02.Nov.2006 04:25

Chemtrailed Montrealer


It is thursday morning, on the second of november 2006, and in this fine clear morning weather here in Montreal, I found the sky riddled with chemtrails. I found out that they were called chemtrailed with google. THen your article.

2006, and still going...

Sunday Dec 4th 2006 04.Dec.2006 14:42

concerned in Portland (PDX) Taraig@hotmail.com

Last night (Sunday) I was outside walking home from a coffee house when my friend and I began to notice the large amount of trails in the sky. She asked me what I knew about chemtrails.. I told her what I knew.. We went home and began feeling as if we were in a subdued, dream like state, the planes kept at it all though out the night.. it is very disturbing to know this is happening and HOW often they are being sprayed over us in Pdx. I don't know how to fight against this.. any suggestions would be appreciated?

Montreal Chemtrails 15.Dec.2006 12:55

Jack misterconn@gmail.com

Thursday, December 2006
3:30 - one chemtrail visible in the sky above the west-island area
3:50 - 4:00 - sky begins to haze over, chemtrail is spreading out, merging
with other clouds
4:05 - another chemtrail is being sprayed perpendicular to the first
4:08 - amazingly, another chemtrail is being sprayed very close to the second in
an almost perfect angle
5:10 - several other chemtrails become visible as black streaks throughout the sky
6:00 - lights out, complete cloud coverage over the west-island.

Friday, December 2006

3:30 - as I once again drive home from school, I spot a chemtrail in a similar
yet furthur distance than the first one spotted yesterday...

Now its 3:54 and i'm going to check for furthur activity.
Anyone who wants more info or would like to share info and resources can
contact me
Let's stop these things

recipe 28.Dec.2006 09:52

ptr rotterdam

Well if they use barium to enforce electromagnetic fields, it is on purpose. They want us to be slaves of this electromangnetic field with tools and toys, while poisening our habitat. They will controll our food, time and money. They will controll our free will and future.
Hah thats what they think. I am following the awakening and struggle of the people of the world.
The only solution to this bloodsucking and devastating warmachine is to impeach the government of the USA and of their friendcountries, like the Netherlands here, and bring them to court in The Hague, for committing crimes against humanity. And roll back the profitting multicorps. who destroy our beautifull planet.
If we dont act who will?
Is it our future: or you die in warviolence, starve of malnutrition, poisened food and water, or etnic cleansing?
Is that the peoples dream for the future? For their children? Come on.

Devide and rule say this clean controlled masters.
So lets get united and get them to jail. The lieing is over. No more tricks up the sleaves.
Lets take back our responsabilities and birthright.

Ptr Rotterdam

we are in trouble 07.Feb.2007 08:00

Marc J.R. Canmore

Exactly what can we do???? We are only little...The American government is not got our health on there agenda...

chemtrails over Denmark 08.Feb.2007 06:03

sick and tired

The recent months I have seen many chemtrails over the mainland, Jutland in Denmark. There is no doubt in my mind that they're spraying chemicals, as you can taste it and it's creating symptoms like headaches, dizziness, skin rash and digestive problems. Anyone can see the jets if they know what they're looking at. Most people don't however, and that's the problem. Whatever the real agenda is behind this, it obviously has nothing to do with our health and well-being. Most likely quite the contrary. Seems like it's time to raise our voices, before it's too late.

How to get rid of chemtrails 18.Feb.2007 14:30


I know this sounds like kooky woo-woo stuff, but it does work to keep those nasty trails from sticking in the sky.

Smaller versions of the chembuster called Tower Busters are effective against EMF radiation from cell phone and other microwave radiation towers, as well as internal sources of pollution like computer monitors and TVs.

More info at  http://www.orgonite.info

chemtrails over England 07.Oct.2007 05:46


Yes here in the southeast of the uk,we are under severe attack, aircraft continuously spraying
us with chemicals,health not so great now.l believe our doctors surgerys will be full this winter,
our government then offering a solution,ie now touting the idea everyone should have a flu jab,young
and old.Incidently after one very heavy consistent attack,people started asking authorities whats
going on,needless to say, in that evening they wheeled out their special weather disinformation forcaster who proclaimed."some people have phoned in concerned about all these chemtrails,not to worry
l was a aircraft engineer and l can tell you now,these are not chemtrails they are contrails"Needless
to say the aircrafts in the sky the very next day was significantly reduced.
TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE,the GOVERNMENTS WORLDWIDE are not your friends,it appears this is orcastrated
as a means of mass population reduction,and as mad as it may seem I am not joking.