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Hussein Hit Order: Almost like asking for a preemptive strike

If Bush really wanted to strike down Saddam, why couldn't/wouldn't he do it quietly?
When Bush makes it perfectly clear he means to kill Saddam, and then has time elapse before any results manifest, that gives him a perfect opportunity to do a preemptive strike. What does a dying man have to lose? This could be stupidity.

But for those of us interested in deep politics, Saddam's hostilities to the US would give a pretext for invasion. Try and get this idea, not my own to begin with, spread perhaps even to the mainstream media. Whether planned or blundered, Bush needs to be much more careful about this.
Got you 17.Jun.2002 23:00

Professor H.H.

When I first read I did not understand but now I got you. You're saying SADDAM will make first strike. Yes, that's a real possibility. But if he did he would lose the world condemnation for the USA.

Bush would say, "You see? I told you he was a terrorist!"

Then nobody in the world would oppose the war. Isn't that the same trick he already used for the war in Afganistan by
allowing attack on the WTC?

Saddam wobbles but he wont fall down 17.Jun.2002 23:18


Like the weebles:
saddam wobbles but he won't down.
Saddam wobbles but he wont fall down
Saddam wobbles but he wont fall down

Having made Saddam, now Bush repudiates him 18.Jun.2002 08:09


Bush and his father and their friends made Saddam what his is. Hussein was and possibly still is on their team. Remember when Bush Sr. went to Kuwait after he left office to collect his bribe (oops, I mean 'war tribute') and his lear jet blew up on the tarmac, and the mediawhores told us that Iraqis had put out a hit on the Bushman?

Turns out that plastic explosives were put in Bush's jet by Mossad agents to deliberate frame Hussein.

This exposed the cosy I'll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine relationship that exists between the Mossad and the CIA whenever they have coinciding interests. I'm certain we also witnessed this relationship play out on 9/11 too.

push button, start war 18.Jun.2002 09:52

the jheri curl kid

so if i want to start a war, i push peoples buttons, then, i don't let the mass media show me pushing their buttons (unfair sanctions, outright unprovoked mil attacks), i let them show the resultant effect of my button pushing ("this just in--another Palestinian terrorist attack...").

that's a pretty good ploy. this way, martyrs aren't created..well, we--the *good* people of the world (of Amerikkka) will become the saints that we know we are as we battle the evil-doers with the headwraps and the brownish skin (and the poor people, and the people who live in the mountains, and the women, and the rebellious children...).