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Indymedia is not a movement gossip column (more on the Grand Jury)

A plea to everybody: stop airing divisive movement dirty laundry on the internet
A few observations stemming from grand jury controversy (which can, of course apply to other situations).

It's really important that people in the movement stay accountable to eachother and are able to constructively call people on their shit, especially as things get tense and repression escalates. The best way to do that is through face-to-face conversation, preferably in locations that aren't under surveillance. Indymedia is a forum for news, analysis, debate, and organizing information. Indymedia is monitored by cops, corporate security and nazis, who have political agendas diametrically opposed to the those of the people who set up and use indymedia (not to mention a whole bunch of well meaning people who might not know a damn thing about the internal dynamics of your particular group or circle of friends). Indymedia should be used as a forum to call individual movement people on their shit only as an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT when all other methods outside of the cyber-realm for holding people accountable have clearly failed. This not to say that airing broad concerns (like "what the fuck is going on with the grand jury?") is not appropriate - what I'm trying to say is that she-said-he-said dialog on a public forum such as this is counter-productive, determental to people's security, and leads to and out-of-control rumor mill type of situation which is vulnerable to cointelpro style attacks.

Don't assume that one individual's opinion reflects whole organizations.

Keep in mind that anyone can post anything to indymedia under whatever name they chose to represent themselves as.

As a general rule openness and inclusiveness build trust, secrecy and unaccountability breed suspicion. (I am not refering to direct action scenarios where security culture takes precedence). People who are being targeted by grand jurys need to share information with the rest of the movement and include the movement (especially people who are likely to be the next target) in strategy planning. On the other side of that coin, people in the movement need to foster a supportive atmosphere.
I think it's a more sophisticated analysis to view people who don't react to repression the way you'd like them to as misguided potential allies capable of having a change of heart under the right circumstances than to view them as The Enemy. We need to stop lunging for eachothers throats and start proactively organizing support demonstrations, teach-ins, workshop, etc. Remember that you catch more flys with honey than vinegar - and that THIS RULE APPLIES EVEN TO PEOPLE YOU ARE REALLY PISSED OFF AT.

Resist repression!!!
Resist the new McCarthyism!!!
Unity, solidarity, no compromise with illegitimate authority!!!!!