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Americans are losing their rights

Tuesday evening I sent this letter via e-mail to the News-Sentinel of Ft. Wayne, IN. They've yet to publish it, and I kind of doubt they will, seeing that it's an evening paper and they've had plenty of time to edit it or contact me. At least you guys can read it.
I am horrified at how many Americans complacently accept the gouging of sacred freedoms our fathers fought and died for. Some people have seen me in front of the courthouse Tuesday holding a sign saying, "You're losing your rights." One man accused me of being un-American for doing this. I venture to say he has no idea of what being American is all about.

The duty of a true patriot is to research how the hastily passed "USA Patriot Act" shoots holes through our First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments. Today one of these rights is being directly challenged: our 6th Amendment right to a speedy, public trial with access to a lawyer.

According to a Monday article by the Press Association, "[American citizen] Abdullah Al Mujahir has been moved from a civilian jail to a high-security US Navy prison in South Carolina … a US Justice Department official said there are no plans to make him face a military tribunal set up for alleged terrorists because these are only for non-Americans. Nor are there any plans to press criminal charges against the al Qaida suspect."

What makes us think we have more rights than Abdullah Al Mujahir? What's to stop John Ashcroft from accusing you of being a member of al Qaida and locking you up with no evidence and cutting you off from your family and a lawyer? Apparently, nothing at all.

I'd like to challenge all the Real Americans out there to do their civic duty and defend the constitutional rights we are being cowed into abandoning for the sake of a little security. As Ben Franklin said, "Those who are willing to give up their freedom for a little security deserve neither freedom nor security."

Jody Paulso
You're right 13.Jun.2002 20:13

Dennis Bejin

Hi Jody,

I agree with you %100. The only question is what to do. The Bush administration is scaring Americans into believing that in order to survive the terrorist threats from the outside our civil liberties need to be traded off.

We saw this during the Second World war when American of Japanese heritage were put into internment camps. The maintream media is now owned by one or two major corperations so they're putting the goverments spin on things.

The insanity is everywhere. There's global warming and Bush is lowering pollution standerd for many utilities. He's building an anti-bullistic missile shield against whom?

Sometimes just reporting like your doing is all that can be done.

Dennis Bejin

Would you submit this to other publications? 13.Jun.2002 20:23

concerned as well tduncan@pacifier.com

The Daily Astorian might publish it: Editor@dailyastorian.com. I and several other out-of-towners have gotten letters published in the Eugene Register-Guard. Good letter!