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Local Action in Solidarity with Workers in El Salvador (eugene)

International Day of Action Targets Footlocker - Tainan Enterprises trying to cut and run to avoid union
In response to the inaction of Tainan Enterprises in the face of the demand to reopen two factories in El Salvador and respect the right of the union there, STIT, to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, STIT is calling for an international day of action against Tainan Enterprises on June 13th (June 12th for Taiwan).

Activists in Taiwan protested at Tainan Enterprises headquarters in Taipei. STIT in El Salvador protested at the Embassy of Taiwan and the office of Tainan Enterprises in El Salvador.

Solidarity campaigners called on US activists to put pressure on Footlocker (formerly Venator, Inc.) because they've received recent shipments from Tainan Enterprises and have refused to respond to campaign organizers repeated phone calls and letters.

In Eugene, one lone activist covered the parking lot of VRC with informational flyers about Footlocker's refusal to engage with labor organizers and support the workers' right to unionize as well as presented the history of the El Salvadorans' struggle to unionize. Mall security was hot on her tail, but never caught up with the "lone flyer."

More information on the Tainan campaign is available from US/LEAP and Campaign for Labor Rights.

Solidarity Forever!
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