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Beyond the Vale

This is a look at influence of the religious right and news media on the discussion of pedophilia. Southern Baptists have now equated Islam with pedophilis and condemn both.
Beyond the Vale
Islam and adult/child sexuality
BY Dennis Bejin

The publics fear of adult/child sexual expression is based on misleading information, and the media's censorship of any positive discussion regarding inter-generational sexual expression. The result is, hysteria, fear and hatred.

The article , The Risks of 'Protection' Panic Over Youthful Sexuality Endangers Kids," by Laura Flanders provides some insights into the hysteria surrounding adult/child sexuality.



"A Mayo Clinic study revealing that three-quarters of parents are afraid their children will be abducted by pedophiles. It's a more frequent worry than fretting over car accidents. This, despite the fact that a child's risk of dying in a car accident is 25 to 75 times greater than his or her chances of being abducted and murdered by non-family members.

Ninety-five percent of allegedly abducted children turn out to be "runaways or throwaways" from home, she reports, or kids snatched by one of their own parents in divorce or custody disputes.


Much of the fear and hatred that boy-lovers face result from the censorship of the scientific findings regarding adult/child sexuality. This censorship is promoted by Evangelical and other conservative religious groups. Their bible centered belief is that any sex outside of marriage is immoral. This includes adult/child sexual expression.

The Seattle Times article entitled "Gay-rights SUPPORTERS CRASH Baptist Conclave," (The June 5 2002 edition) provides further insight into the publics hatred and fear of pedophiles. During the Southern Baptists religious conference, the head of the Southern Baptists condemned homosexuality. Than the Rev. Jerry Vines, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fla.. said many this country's problems can be blamed on religious pluralism. Pluralist would have us to believe that Islam is just as good as Christianity. He stated:

"I'm here to tell you ... that Islam is not just as good as Christianity. Islam was founded by Muhammad, a demon-possessed pedophile who had 12 wives-and his last one was a 9-year-old-girl."


Research paper that provide "information" rather that propaganda can be found at:



The fear and hatred that surrounds adult/child relationships is also the result of the media's unrestrained use of the word "rape." It's now being used to encompass a wild range of sexual activity. The term "rape" is used to embrace both sex with a seventeen year-old-boy, whose begged to have oral sex, and a five year old girl who is savagely penetrated by a sadistic adult. The word "rape" has become meaningless.


Vigilantism toward adult whose are simply attracted to boys is also being promoted.

Mike Echol's web site in the United States, for example, is fashioned after the Nuremberg files web site that was once used to target abortion providers by providing their manes and addresses. Compare the two. I wonder if a similar list will be established for people "suspected" of being terrorists or whose beliefs challenge with the governments lust for the surveillance and war?

Nuremberg trial web site

Mike Echols web site:


In England we find a new form of vigilantism in that the public now have a say over how sex offenders are treated. In an article entitled, "A Clever Compromise over Convicted Pedophles"


"Few crimes are more despicable than the sexual abuse of children, and public concern about the early release and resettlement of convicted paedophiles is fully justified. Crude vigilantism and lynch-mob justice, however, do no more than meet crime with crime, while giving rein to some of the more vicious traits of human nature."

"Members of the public will for the first time be given a direct role in monitoring the thousands of paedophiles and other serious criminals released from prison each year. They will take their place alongside police, probation officers and others on new public protection panels, which are to be created in each of 42 police districts in England and Wales. They will be expected to convey public concerns about the risks presented by resettled criminals and to make recommendations as to how the public can be better protected."

A similar article on the same subject can be found at:


As I mentioned in a previous post those convicted of adult/child sexual contact are now being forced into mandatory "treatment" while in prison. While in "treatment" they're forced to admit their crime and any other crimes they may have committed, even though they may have been wrongfully convicted. If they refuse to participate all their prison privilege can be taken away and they be put in with a more dangerous high security population.



Adults who are sexually attracted to children are treated lie vermin. The Nazi's treated the Jews like vermin and in the process they lost their humanity.

Articles like this should not be censored. They offer a counter-weight to sensation seeking media and the conservative religious that find writing like this offensive.

Dennis Bejin