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another anarchist's perspective on the "grand jury business"

Where to begin....I feel Digger covered all the bases in regards to what the regular folks around CFA know about grand jury subpeonas. This is a more personal commentary and in no way should be construed as a statement given in behalf of CFA, nor is it a reflection on how this group of people feel collectively.
It's strange how this whole affair has seemed, in such a short period, to have erupted into such a storm of accusations, animosity and bitterness. I suppose it's an accurate commentary not only on the political climate in this so called "free" country, but one on the climate in this community as well. Please don't misunderstand me, I think the fear, anger and confusion is justified(somewhat), and I'm definitely not attempting to make light of it all. I just feel it's a goddam shame that this has all been so effective in pitting concerned, caring people against one another, even before anyone has testified(or not testified).
I'm not going to pretend I'm knowledgeable of the grand jury process, or it's function, or it's agenda. I can say this though with certainty, many of the folk who are involved regularly with CFA feel the same as Mr. Rosebraugh and others in regards to non-cooperation with grand juries and zero tolerance for the whole nation-state apparatus. I mean, why do you think we're all here doing what we do? For petty reforms and concessions? Shit, this ain't the fucking sierra club, ya know! I don't want this to be perceived as another "Can't we all just get along?" spiel, yet I believe we really need to get a grip and focus on who our real enemies are....and what they're trying to do to us as a resistance movement as a whole. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!! Do people really believe that CFA folk aren't as much concerned about grand jury subpeonas as they are themselves?
I feel constructive criticism and guidance are sorely needed, but can't it be done in such a way that brings us closer together instead of tearing us further apart? Wheatpasting propaganda on the front door of the CFA office in the middle of the night seems to me not only counter productive, but highly suspect as well. Digger posted CFA's phone number; people evidentally know the address; try coming over when the sun's up next time. Maybe we can actually interact as humyn beings and prove we're not the mixed-up mob the mainstream media portrays us as, but a real threat to those in power....a true force to be reckoned with.

phone: phone: (503)241-4879

damn straight 13.Jun.2002 01:45

lichen lichen@riseup.net

damn straight.

what was wheatpasted? 13.Jun.2002 03:23

pardon my ignorance

what was the "propaganda"? i can only vaguely guess from context, and it seems like an important detail to this saga. i have seen two posts making reference to this wheatpasting -- did i miss the one that explains what it was?

wheatpaste 13.Jun.2002 12:38

lichen lichen@riseup.net

The front door of the CFA office was wheatpasted with a silouette of a riot cop with the words "MONARCHY" on the top. With the words "Stop the Grand Jurry" at the buttom. (yes they spelled jury with 2 r's)
Other copies of this was put up around town, But the stop the Grand Jurry was penciled in at the bottom of ours. They put it up right over our Oppression Free Zone sign on the front door.


MICHAEL the original poster b.

So here's what happened. Craig spoke whith a person- apperently from CFA. The jist of what he was told -last tuesday- (to my understanding) was this..
A grand jury was called to investigate the ELF action at Ross Island Sand and gravel- a group of around five or six people at CFA were subpenoed to testify regarding this matter.
I'm the brother that spoke to digger last nite- we talked and cleared this shit up. As it turns out only one person is from CFA and they're starting to look like the person that spoke to craig. Maybee they were confused about who was tesififying. Maybee in thier efforts to not make this an issue they withheld the very vital bits of information that could have kept this from becoming the shitstorm they so feared.
Either way
When I became informed of this matter it was a week after the people tesified- needless to say Craig was fightin mad- and when I heard this I beacame so too.
Believing that people knew of this grand jury a while before they testified, believing that they withheld the information that the fucking thing was going down- and were telling our insider NOT to speak to craig! NOT to seek help from an actavist lawyer!
I hatched a plan.. To try and smoke the rats out of our community- So that we could confront thier wac support for this grand jury.
Basicly it was this - I wrote a post calling for a meeting to find out what the hell was goin on. I wrote a post that I agree was inflamitory. I was acting on under the false belief that these grand gury supporters were of- or had taken up nest at CFA.
I agree that my actions were governed by anger- I agree that this was the wrong way to deal with this. My jugdment was clouded by some extranious factors- Frankly people like DONALD going on the tube and using CFA to advance his personal quest to slander the ELF and people like me that ideologicly support it. I had false ideas about CFA's "leadership" because only a leadership could produce somebody like donald. But listen, I know good people that work with cfa and a whole lot of them (In spite of what donald says) DO IN FACT SUPPORT ECONOMIC SABOTAGE AND THE ELF. These are people that risk life and limb to defend the earth.
I've got to go now I'll post the rest a while.

Where to go from here 14.Jun.2002 10:56

Michael the original poster b.

Ok here it is
So digger and I spoke and he recognized that many people in the community have valid reason to be angry when a grand jury of this sort has been called. When knowledge of it's existance has been kept from the public. Digger made me see that it would have been a better idea to reach some one at CFA and get this straightened out. Especially considering that there's only one person still at CFA that was subpeonad. I did call three times the day after the origional post and couldn't reach nobody- it wasn't untill digger posted that we were even sure the folks at CFA cared about this. What gets me it how folks at CFA can say they don't know who these people are when they also are saying that the remaining five or six cooperators arn't even actavists. How could anybody know that if they didn't know who they were. The only other person according to different cfa sources- that's ever been a member of cfa that's been subpeonad is Donald. He hasn't fessed up to this despite a few wac posts that sure as hell sound like him. The guy works with the sierra club which publicly has taken the stand that they WILL COOPERATE with any federal attempts to break up the ELF. They've also made a whole host of statements condemning the ELF and it's tactics. Despite thier success at keeping buyers out of our woods. After the ELF action that all's this is about the BOrgonian ran a big story in which a few logging companies executives declaired that they were in line to try buying (i believe it's eagle creek) trees for logging- But after this ELF action they wouldn't touch it for fear that they would become the targets of our radical enviromentalists. Sure as hell sounds effective to me!
Now here it is- Digger said he'd do his best to get together a meeting of everybody that knows any more about this and get back to us (the public). I sincerly hope this happens. Also as it remains the Lady at cfa has been leaning twards making a public attempt to fight her date with the grand jury in a month. There are a whole host of people that are frothing at the chance to give these feds and thier gustapo bull the boot. But according to kids at cfa she's having a bit of trouble coming out when CFA is virtually under siege as a result of this mess. It seems that the best anybody can do is to call CFA and show your support for them and the effort to fight the grand jury.

To move forward on this everybody's gonna need the date of the next grand jury- (it would be great to have two or three weeks to organize a demo)- The lady at CFA's gonna need to come out publicly (indy would be a good first step) against the grand jury and thier attempts to supress our legitamit struggle. We'll also need to know (This is where cfa's fact finding meeting is really important) the names of others subpeonad. So that ours and other dissenting communities will be able to insulate themselves from those individuals that would cooperate with the state. And when we know who they are we'll need to ask them what the (freddies)- feds questions were and how they responded. So that we may gain a better understanding of what the government knows and how they are going to use what they believe they know (even here-say) agianst us. Then we can fight a more broader effort to cast off grand juries and thier oppressive endevors. This is vital as the feds power lies in keeping us ignorant of the vital knowledge we need to defend ourselves and our communities.
I think that these are some baby steps twards creating a community where people feel more empowered to stand up to grand juries in the future.

be strong
and keep it up-
Michael b

Requarding Donald's statements 14.Jun.2002 13:12


I feel Donald's statements he made after the torching of the log trucks near Eagle Creek were absolutly the right thing to do. He was making an attempt to distance CFA from the arson act,and in my opinion the arson was not the only thing that has discouraged logging companys from bidding on projects in the Mt. Hood. The only thing that is going to change the situation in our national forests is overwhelming public support.