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Lets stop doing the Feds jobs for them. More on the grand jury business

my rant about how we are letting the grand jury issue hurt us as a community.
the actions that people took vs the actions the people should of taken.

i don't know anything more than what digger posted about who was summoned to the grand jury and what they said. i do know that I wasn't summoned to the grand jury. i also know that if i was i would not answer the questions they asked me if i even showed up to the thing. i also know that i don't have any freaking information about any actions of property destruction. i am a non-violent activist. i have done treesitting and acts of public demonstration about the FTAA and the forest service. i also chose to leave the middle class existance that i was born into to join the resistance. i have chosen to live in doorways and rooftops and not have a job in order to help the system that oppresses us crumble.

i am fucking pissed that someone in the resistance would come and wheatpaste our neighborhood instead of talking to us about it. wheatpasting anti-government propaganda is a tactic to be used to fight against the system not a way to settle quarrels between us. I've been settling my shit with many of my friends and comrades in the past month (well my whole life really) by talking to them about it and being straight up with them. My fucking energy is drained I've tried to post on this subject 4 or 5 times now and don't know what to say really.

We're doing the FBI's job for them. We are being pitted against eachother. In a time of high stress and worry. I do not hold anything against anyone for the reason that we are on the same fucking side and will not join in any finger pointing or slander. I demand that it stops.

Who else has been summoned? I know damn straight that if i was summoned to a grand jury i would post it on indymedia right away. and would rally folk together to help me fight the destruction of our civil liberities. i'm just one person i want to see our movement unified. I want to see everyone come together to crush our common enemy, The corporations and the government that works for them.

lets just drop it and keep up our fight. let's take the streets and mountains back.

(note: I am lorax i speak for the trees, not CFA.)
ps would someone please come clean the wheatpaste off of our door and sidewalk.

phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton

affirmation 13.Jun.2002 01:49


hell yeah!!!!!