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here is the facts as i understand them.
so the facts are
only one of the persons that has been called before the grand jury is a cfa activist this person has another month before they must testify
one of the poeple called was involved with cfa in the past but is no longer working or openly communicating with cfa
one of the people called is an activist but not a forest activist and in not incontact with us at this time
the remaining folk that have been called are not activists and are in no way associated with cfa
we do not know at this time what they asked any of the people brought before the grand jury we are trying to obtain this info but until they choose to talk to us we are in the dark about the details
i do believe that the person that is goin to testify in a month wants to make it public and is not goin to speak with the grand jury
so basically thats what i know.
thanks to the brother that called me and spoke with me about the whole issue. through talkin it out i came to an understanding and decision to let out this info. this would have been out in the open alot sooner is we had not felt attacked by the rest of the activist community. this shows me how weak we are and i hope we can learn from this. there is no reason why this should every happen again, next time lets meet face to face and deal with it like a community not a bunch of isolated individuals.

thanks, digger
Thanks Digger 13.Jun.2002 06:01

Silent Sam

Digger-thanks for the info.