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3 Arrests in Colorado At North American Wholesale Lumber Association Meeting

3 activists were arrested hanging a banner on Monday, June 10th.
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Forest Defenders Invade Lumber Board Meeting

NAWLA Directors Get an Earful at the Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs 6/9/02 10:00 am
For more info call Tim Ream (719) 660-7357

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Forest Defenders Invade Lumber Board Meeting

Co-founders of the Oregon-based Cascadia Forest Defenders stormed the North American Lumber Association (NAWLA) annual Board of Directors meeting at the swank Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs this morning. With radio and video rolling, the forty-some directors sat stunned and silent while activists exposed their genocidal and eco-cidal profiteering. The activists escaped security by a hair on the stairway just outside the meeting room.

NAWLA includes 650 lumber middlemen from around the US and Canada, with a combined annual sales of $30 billion. They traffic in blood timber from Indonesia, indigenous forest in Chile and old-growth and public lands forest throughout the US. Unlike retailers such as Home Depot or wholesalers like Golden State Lumber, they have categorically refused to address the source of the product they profit by.

Dressed for the setting, two long-time activists called on NAWLA to examine the chain of custody of timber they distribute. Laura McKenzie challenged the Board, "You have the power to change this. You have the power to buy wood that is sustainably harvested off land that is not destroying communities or people's native culture." "When the doors close, when we leave here you might want to have a discussion about this. Up until now it's only been a moral issue, from here on out it's going to affect your bottom line," said Tim Ream. Repeatedly asked to comment on these issues, the Board of Directors could not utter a word.

A 5 minute unedited video tape of the action is available on request. It is probably not broadcast quality.

Additional actions are planned for the June 10-12 members meeting including a Monday rally and march on the Broadmoor beginning at Jenkins park at 11 am.

For more info call Tim Ream (719) 660-7357

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