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Extended PEAK OUT - June 14-30

Come and learn! Connect with the forests of the upper Rogue basin. Connect with activists working to protect the land. Gain and share skills in tree climbing, wilderness first response, nonviolence, public lands strategy, forest defense, survey and manage, and plant and critter identification.
Join local community members and activists from across the Northwest for a 2 week action camp at the Peak timber sale, Prospect Ranger District, Rogue River National Forest.

The forests of Peak timber sale are imminently threatened! Roseburg Forest Products/Scott Timber (stUMPQUA BANK) holds a contract to begin logging operations early July!

Peak is one of over a dozen Replacement Volume Program sales threatening old growth across the Northwest. The RVP is a scam crafted by the timber industry to cut the last remaining old growth forests. The RVP is a violation of the public trust and must be cancelled immediately!

Join us as we work to save the last of our old growth forests!

Please call Peak for more info, a schedule of events, and to let us know when and how long you are coming to be a part of Peak Action!

(541)482-9625 (541) 482-6090


796 Oak St., Ashland, OR 97520

The Peak Timber Sale is in the Upper Rogue River Watershed west of Highway 62 and Crater Lake National Park. Logging threatens 660 acres of old-growth forest core fisher habitat. These forests reside at an elevation of 4,000-5,200 feet. The trees are estimated to equal approximately 3,890 thousand board feet(mbf) of lumber.

For more information about federal timber sales contact the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center at PO Box 102 Ashland, OR 97520. E-mail:  jay@kswild.org  http://www.kswild.org

What's wrong with Umpqua Bank?

Allyn Ford, Chairman of Umpqua Bank, is sole owner of Roseburg Forest Products and Scott Timber Company, the most rampant consumers of old-growth national forests in the Pacific Northwest! Roseburg and Scott hold dozens of taxpayer-subsidized logging contracts on public lands, including the Silver-Sturgis, Peak and other "replacement volume" timber sales in the Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forests.

In 1995, Congress ordered the U.S. Forest Service to replace timber sales it canceled in the Coast Range with "an equal volume of timber, of like kind and value." Replacement timber sales in the Siskiyous and Cascades would give prime old-growth trees to Roseburrg/Scott in exchange for skinny second-growth, creating a windfall worth three times as much as the companies are owed!

National forest logging is a taxpayer rip-off

Taxpayers fund timber sale planning, road construction, fire suppression and watershed restoration for the exclusive benefit of timber companies. The Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forests lost $32,967,294 on their combined timber sale programs in Fiscal Years 1995-97, according to the U.S. General Accounting Office.


Think Globally, Act Locally! More and more people are looking for socially responsible ways to keep or invest their money. We as consumers have the responsibility to determine where our money should go. The way we use and invest our money directly determines the world we live in and the future our children will inherit.


Close all of your accounts with Umpqua Bank and tell the branch president why.

Call Rogue River Forest Supervisor Jack Williams and ask him to cancel or buy back replacement volume timber sale! His number is 541/858-220.

Call and write Allyn Ford and politely ask him to refuse federal old-growth timber sales in the Rogue River (541) 679-3311 / (541) 679-5502 / c/o Roseburg Forest Products, POB 1088, Roseburg, OR, 97474.


4th largest bank in Oregon
major competition: credit unions

27 branches throughout Western Oregon
with the recent "merger" with Valley of the Rogue Banks

Chairman of the Board Allyn Ford, owner of
Roseburg Forest Products and Scott Timber, largest purchasers of
federal timber sales in Pacific Northwest

Herbert of Herbert Lumber: largest shareholder

Timber interests directly own 20% or more of the stock

Umpqua Bank Company Headquarters
445 SE Main St. Roseburg, OR 97470

Strand Atkinson Williams & York Investment
Subsidiary of Umpqua Corp.  info@strandatkinson.com

phone: phone: (541) 552-8762
address: address: 1250 Siskiyou, SU 333, Ashland, OR 97520