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Protest in Eugene this Friday -FLAG DAY- at 5:00

Call for a protest at the Federal Building this Friday (the 14th) which is FLAG DAY, at 5:00 p.m.
There's plenty to protest this week.

The "war on terror" is ongoing and threatens to expand. We should say "No!"
There's also the recent assaults on our civil liberties, which could affect our
very right to protest safely as time goes on: Bush's Dept. of Homeland Defense,
the seizure of a U.S. citizen by the military, etc. (I have listed three of
them below, with links to articles for more information.)

I suggest we turn out at the Federal Building this Friday at 5:00 to take on
any and all of these issues, and bring them to the public's attention. The
government is rapidly getting out of control, and we should stand up and
say, "NO MORE !!"

BTW, we could also celebrate a victory on Friday: the estate of Judi Bari won
a suit against the FBI to the tune of $4.4 million, and this is great news, and
gives us hope that sometimes we can win.

Hope to see you there !!


1. Bush has announced his desire to form a Department of Homeland Security.
This dept would become the third largest in the government, would be less
accountable to public oversight than the individual agencies currently are, and
would threaten to lead to more organized spying on legal political activity.
>"Bush's new Department of Homeland Defense: the scaffolding of a police state"

2. A U.S. citizen is being held by the military and his constitional rights
suspended by order of the president:

3. Ashcroft's announcement about expanding the domestic spying capability of
the FBI, returning that agency to the bad old COINTELPRO days when they framed
and harrassed hundred of activists. (This happened at the end of May, but there
hasn't been much protesting about it yet.)
>"Cointelpro returns amidst massive growth in FBI powers"