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Little Rive Demo Timber Sale CANCELLED!!!

Little River Demo timber sale cancelled!
the Little River Demo timber sale, site of a beautiful forest in the Umpqua National Forest was set to be logged in order to "study the effects of clearcutting on wildlife". In a stroke of sanity, the U$ Forest Service has decided to cancel this sale!! This is a HUGE victory and we can now concentrate on the remaining dozens of other sales on the chopping block this season.
A press release will be available later today from Umpqua-Watersheds, a grassroots group that has been working to stop this sale for years.

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Allyn Ford loses again 12.Jun.2002 14:31

anonymous forest defender

This sale was yet another "Replacement Volume" timber scam given to AllynFord/Roseburg Forest Products, on top of the fact that it was for "research" purposes. Allyn Ford needs to feel the heat that ALL of the sales he currently wants to cut should be cancelled just like Little River Demo, (which was 7.1 million board feet of old-growth and native forest that would have been logged).

the following is from a press release put out by the Umpqua:

Umpqua National Forest Withdraws Timber Sale

ROSEBURG, OR The Umpqua National Forest Supervisor Jim Caplan announced that he is halting plans to harvest the Little River DEMO Timber Sale. Caplan said, "I want to thank Roseburg Forest Products for cooperating with us in making this change. The Little River DEMO Timber Sale was once a good idea
but, today, it simply will not meet the scientific intentions we originally had for it. For legal and resource-protection reasons, to proceed now would be irresponsible."

The timber sale was designed to meet two purposes: implement part of a regional research effort called Demonstration of Ecosystem Management Options (DEMO) and provide alternative timber volume for 1990's timber sales cancelled on the Siuslaw National Forest because of marbled murrelets.

Caplan said, "At Little River DEMO, we intended to use timber production to support scientific inquiry. Some really fine inventory work was done to establish an understanding of the natural resources on the site. But, over time, the science portion of the work has become irrelevant and, if we wanted to offer timber from that site, we would have to start our decision-making process over. It's time for us to move on to new projects."

Little River DEMO Timber Sale is within the Little River drainage on the North Umpqua Ranger District. The sale is within Adaptive Management Area, which was designated by the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan as available for commercial timber harvest when done in conjunction with developing and testing resource
management strategies. The Little River DEMO sale was planned as the seventh replication in the study that includes data gathered from 1995 to 1998 at six other sites. Over the past few years, inventories at the site showed the presence of rare fungal species and red tree voles, species meriting protective measures under the
Northwest Forest Plan.

Caplan added that resolution with Roseburg Forest Products for the sale has yet to be determined. The sale involved 7.1 million board feet of timber.
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Thanks Allyn Ford! 12.Jun.2002 15:44


I think Allyn Ford should be commended for agreeing to drop out of this timber sale,and should be encouraged to get out of the remainder of the replacement volume sales. He should also realize that old-growth logging is coming to an end. Controversy will continue and there will be opposition to any logging of old-growth.