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Smallpox Vaccination Concerns

Smallpox Vaccination Concerns, reposted from global indymedia. Author listed on original article: Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
Originally posted at:  http://www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=185542&group=webcast

June 6, 2002

ACIP-NVAC Smallpox Working Group
Mailstop E-05
1600 Clifton Rd., N.E.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA 30333

RE: Smallpox Vaccination Concerns

Dear ACIP-NVAC and CDC Officials:

I am writing to you to register my strongest opposition to the proposed smallpox inoculation program as a Harvard graduate in public health (1982) and internationally known authority in biological warfare and emerging disease research.

My concerns transcend those legitimate issues raised by widespread opponents to smallpox vaccinations, including: 1) substantial risks of common side effects from smallpox vaccination to the general public and especially immune compromised populations, 2) inadequate smallpox vaccine safety testing record, 3) inadequate smallpox vaccine efficacy testing, 4) the availability of modern therapies to treat life-threatening complications associated with smallpox infection, 5) the risk to unvaccinated populations from shedding infectious vaccinia virus for up to 21 days post vaccination, 6) lacking sufficient cost/benefit studies of the proposed vaccination campaign, and most importantly, 7) entirely lacking data from no risk/benefit studies having been performed on this proposed policy.

Must I remind CDC and public health officials that the cornerstone of legitimate public health policy legislation rest entirely on this later premise‚€”that above all, more good should result than harm from the proposed vaccination program. To date, however, not one scientific assessment of the risk versus the benefit of smallpox vaccination has been conducted. Therefore, we simply do not know whether the proposed campaign would help and save more people that it might kill or maim. Obviously, this flies in the face of rational public health policy, and presents risks possibly more pervasive than a threatened or actual terrorist attack.

The recent editorial in The Lancet (Vol. 359, No. 9313; 2002) should also be considered in this regard. The editors of this most esteemed scientific journal asked, ‚€œJust how tainted has medicine become [by pharmaceutical industry payoffs]?‚€Ě They concluded, ‚€œHeavily, and damagingly so,‚€Ě urging ‚€œdoctors who support this culture for the best of intentions‚€Ě to ‚€œhave the courage to oppose practices that bring the whole of medicine into disrepute.‚€Ě This speaks directly to your decision-making concerning the proposed smallpox campaign, especially reflecting on the following information.

The little known fact is that the primary smallpox vaccine producers, Aventis and Baxter corporations, or their parent companies, are highly untrustworthy. They have been implicated on more than one occasion in committing genocide. Genocide is simply defined as ‚€œthe mass killing of people for economic, political, and/or ideological reasons.‚€Ě Baxter, along with other pharmaceutical firms including Bayer, is infamous for having committed genocide against the American hemophiliac population through their known sale of HIV-contaminated blood products. Both firms settled out of court for what amounted to economically motivated genocide. As the attached organizational chart shows, Baxter is a subsidiary of American Home Products (AHP). AHP, like Bayer, Hoechst and BASF, is a progeny of I.G. Farben‚€”Germany‚€™s leading industrial organization that virtually directed the Third Reich and Hitler‚€™s economic war engine. After World War II, I.G. Farben was primarily broken up into Bayer, Hoechst and BASF companies. Aventis is a subsidiary of Hoechst. In summary, both smallpox vaccine producers‚€”Aventis and Baxter‚€”share hideous legacies demanding caution, if not certain avoidance.

Please, for the sake of millions of people, public health, medical respectability, and the future of this great nation, DO NOT SUPPORT ANY POLICY REQUIRING FORCED SMALLPOX VACCINATIONS.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
President and Publisher, Tetrahedron Publishing Group add your own comments

The Anthrax Timeline - Connect The Dots (english)
Nico Haupt 9:24am Tue Jun 11 '02

From Nico Haupt

 http://www.ourDNA.org  http://www.democraticunderground.com

Dear Judicial Watch,

With great interest, I've read your announcement of filing a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for failure to produce documents concerning the terrorist anthrax attacks of last October.


I am a journalist and programmer in NYC, and represent 30,000-40,000 people on the net, who have already come to the conclusion, that the Anthrax attack was homegrown - and that there is also a direct connection between it and prior knowledge of the 911 attack.

We also organised a 3-day skepticism event some weeks ago in New York on Times Square to prove our main investigations.

We're in contact with the 911-skepticism movements in Washington (big forum set for next week) and San Francisco as well. It's high time that the mainstream media stops ignoring us.

We have evidence that FOX, CNN, ABC, NY Daily News, NY POST and NY TIMES did that in did so on numerous occasions. They also all ignored our telephone calls and emails.

However, we are succesfully in contact with Cynthia McKinney and Tom Daschle for many months, even before they both made big news as "traitors"...

We're also no "traitors." Such an accusation would be better directed to the CIA, Pentagon, Fort Detrick, CDC, the National Institutes of Health Institute and White House.

As far as we are concerned, there is enough evidence to demonstrate the CIA and Pentagon de facto permitted both attacks to happen.

We are also very much cognizant about the Afghan oil pipeline agenda and the latest weapons deals between Carlyle, BAE, and India and Pakistan.

The latest try to control the residents of this country with a new 'Homeland Security' bureaucracy is more than lousy.

The truth will come out.

This to ABC: The so called 'loan witness' Johnelle Bryant doesn't work in Hempstead and is also not responsible for these counties.

She works at the FAS in Washington.  http://dc-directory.hqnet.usda.gov/phone.php?query=lname+LIKE+%27bryant%27&sort=

A message on her mailbox reveals, that she will soon relocate to Florida. The story looks like Bogus.

She is not listed in the office at Hempstead (202-numbers):

...back to your anthrax-case:

The following timeline should help you to come to the same conclusion.

The main parts are mirrored on 100-150 911-skeptic pages and big forums like democraticunderground.com (12,000 members).

You should especially examine the role of Jerry Hauer, the Johns Hopkins Institute and the work of FBI John P. O'Neill.

There is also a definitive connection to the sabotage of the FBI-Rowley Memo by the FBIHQ (Dale Watson, ex CIA) and the CIA.

I'm sure you're also in touch with Barbara Rosenberg (FAS or, NYC) and Professor Francis Boyle (Illinois).

If you have any questions, e.g. in an radio interview let me know. As i said, 30-40,000 people on the net already know more or less the same facts and wonder about what's going on with their government and US-Press.

PS: This email was mirrored to various websites and mailing lists as well.

Best wishes for your trial and the future of our democracy, freedom of speech and the impeachment of the US Government.

Nico Haupt, NYC

God Bless America!

The Anthrax-911 Connection Timeline (originally from  http://www.ourDNA.org)


Fort Detrick starts their missions. They include biomedical research and development, medical material management and global telecommunications


The US produced and stockpiled weapons containing anthrax prior to the Biological Weapons Convention but has destroyed them.


Wolf Szmunes, the National Institutes of Health and the CDC experimented on more than 1000 nonmonogamous men with vaccines, designed by Merck and other pharmacy companies


"The CDC was responsible for most of the shipments of lethal American-produced Biochemical Warfare agents that were sold to Iran.." Source: Devon Jackson, NY Times/Village Voice


BioPort, from Lansing, Michigan (former Michigan Biologics Products Institute MBPI) is founded by Fuad al-Hibri (Ex-Porton International UK) and Admiral William Crowe, 76, former military chief under President Ronald Reagan. Their main purpose is to develop anti bio-agents.


The OraVax company (Bioweapon Vaccines) had been likewise linked to shady backroom dealings with Clinton administration officials in 1998 regarding government orders for a yet to be tested West Nile Virus vaccine.

(source: . Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Public health consumer advocate and author of Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787),

 http://www.baltech.org/lederman/816proof.html "....The role of Oravax, the commercial vaccine manufacturer directly connected to the major players in this issue-the CDC, the Ft. Dietrick bio-warfare lab, Plum Island, former OEM chief Jerry Hauer and Mayor Giuliani-remains unexamined in the media yet Oravax stands to make billions from its West Nile Virus vaccine if WNV hysteria continues to spread. That Oravax was developing a WNV vaccine before the 1999 outbreak, that its VP went to Washington with Jerry Hauer and the head of Rockefeller University in 1998 to pressure President Clinton to stockpile billions of dollars worth of vaccines or that according to the NY Times, Oravax's stock value had lost 90% of its value-making a mosquito-born epidemic the only chance of company survival-are clues of significance that might prove a financial angle to WNV...."


BioPort signed a new contract with the US government. They have to develop vaccines against anthrax and have 3 years time for that to finish the production. The vaccines should be available in 2001.

They got a $50 million contract for developing AVA (Anthrax Vaccine Absorbed) for 2.5 million US Soldiers

May 25-27, 1999

Conference for biological vaccines at Fort Detrick. Thomas Inglesby (Hopkins Institute) speaks:

"..the DOD involvement in ongoing medical research also is important and instrumental to helping cities prepare for such emergencies... the Fort Detrick institute is the most important component of ongoing research and development of effective defenses and treatment.." Fort Detrick about anthrax: "one of the most treacherous enemies".

(Source:  http://www.af.mil/news/Jun1999/n19990602_991091.html )

July 1999:

Thomas Inglesby, Hopkins Institute and top advisior of the Pentagon, writes his first popular scenario: "Anthrax: A Possible Case History"

October 12th, 1999

A planned attack on Bin Laden, ordered by President Clinton, was aborted on that day, when Sharif was overthrown in a military coup by General Pervez Musharraf.

Jan. 22, 2000,

The CFR Project held its first big event: a scenario of a global financial meltdown, run as a war-game simulation at its Manhattan headquarters. James Woolsey, ex CIA director, played the role of Secretary of Defense.

June 2000

One week, after Dick Cheney resigned from Halliburton Root + Brown, the subsidiary signed a contract with the Pentagon about constructions in various countries.

The contract was later upgraded into "a 408-unit detention camp at the Radio Range area of U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba"

Halliburton is Texas construction and engineering company, customer of the Pentagon and UNOCAL,who was working on a pipeline in Afghanistan.

June 26 and 27, 2000

Thomas Inglesby, Hopkins Institute organise his first Anthrax-Scenario Test-games


Inglesby became important for the Pentagon and Fort Detrick, when he wrote his first popular scenario in July 1999: "Anthrax: A Possible Case History"

>From this text: "...Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) offices in five U.S. cities have received warnings of an imminent bioterrorist attack. Each threat indicated that a "shower of anthrax would rain on U.S. cities," unless certain demands were met immediately..."

July 12-13, 2000

While public media were assuring the credulous public of a "soft landing" for the U.S. economy, the New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held a second conference at its headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan, entitled "The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact". It includes a testgame regarding a possible terrorist attack.

"...a scenario of a global financial meltdown, run as a war-game simulation. The four teams covered 1) monetary-financial, which dealt with the functions of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors; 2) economic and trade, which dealt with the functions of the U.S. Treasury Department; 3) regulatory matters; and 4) national security"nut case and former CIA director James Woolsey played the role of Secretary of Defense.

March 2001

Thomas Picking, Deputy Director FBI, supports a hearing on "Combating Terrorism: In Search of a National Strategy", which covers mainly two questions:

1. What is the current national strategy to combat terrorism?

2. Who in the United States government is in charge of coordinating all federal agency efforts to counter terrorism?

On the same panel also Robert S. Mueller, Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Secretary of Defense), John Magaw (FEMA) and John E. McLaughlin (Deputy Director CIA). In another panel is Bruce Hoffman (RAND), Frank Cilluffo (CSIS) and others.

April 27, 2001

The Holy Cross Health and Adventist Healthcare forms a joint venture to support Biotech companies that want to get a product to market have to cross paths with the Food and Drug Administration

June 2001

Dr. Christos Tsonas, Holy Cross, 4701 North Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida had to confirm to the FBI, that he probably examined in this month a member of the 911 "hijackers", Ahmed Alhaznawi. Tsonas is member of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

The survey list of Holy Cross' participants at the financial services is the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Parts of that story, without mentioning any names had been already leaked in October/November 2001. It was refreshed in on March 23rd, 2002 in the NY Times.

Dr. Thomas Inglesby helps the FBI in their investigation and comes to the conclusion, that Alhaznawi has anthrax, while the FBI later didn't.

July 2001

CSIS host a discussion on U.S. sanctions policy and suggest to relax the trade embargo on Cuba.

Among its board members:

Harold Brown (member of the boards of directors of Cummins Engine Company, Philip Morris, Mattel, and Evergreen Holdings, Inc. He is a trustee of the California Institute of Technology, RAND, and the Trilateral Commission (North America).

James R. Schlesinger (associated with the RAND Corporation as a senior staff member (1963-67), and Director of Strategic Studies, (1967-1969). He left the Bureau of the Budget in August 1971 when President Nixon selected him to become chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. He held that post until February 1973 when he was named director of the CIA.

Both Schlesinger and Brown are also on the board of Daily Telegraph UK, owned by Hollinger Inc, Richard Perles company (who is the top advisor of the Pentagon)

Other members of the board of CSIS:

James Woolsey, ex CIA director and Perle/Wolfowitz friend Henry A. Kissinger , Mr. "Everywhere" Zbigniew Brzezinski , "Conspirator Specialist" William S. Cohen, codirector at Empower America, U.S. senator (1979-1997)

Senior Advisor is Anthony Zinni

August 2001

Hamza Alghamdi ("WTC-south tower")rents an unit 1504 at the Delray Racquet Club, 755 Dotterel Rd.(confirmed on 10/13, rented by Gloria Irish, wife of Editor Michael Irish of the Sun) . Bob Stevens later becomes the first anthrax victim. His paper Sun Sentinel was in the same building as National Equirer, who had been attacked in 2000 by an upset President Bush because of their negative articles about his daughter.

This disturbing connection to the Sun Sentinel is later ignored by the main media

August 2001

Between July 10th (when the FBIHQ and O'Neill received the Kenneth Williams Phoenix-Memo) and early August, John Pickard takes over the job of NY-FBI director Louis Feesh.

Pickard was involved in the TWA flight 800 investigation and the embassy bombings in Africa. In 1979 he worked undercover on the money laundering case code named "ABSCAM".

August 6th, 2001

President Bush receives a 11.5 page report including a warning about an "attack with planes". A shorter memo goes to Dick Cheney, Andrew Card, Condoleeza Rice, Sen. Richard Shelby, Sen. Bob Graham, GOP Rep. Porter Goss, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

August 19th, 2001

John O'Neill's briefcase with important documents get stolen on a Miami conference and is recovered later.

Week of August 20th

"...three weeks before the attack of September 11 security at the World Trade Center was abruptly heightened..." Source: counterpunch.com

This was also confirmed by financial analyst Ben Fountain "...over the past few weeks we'd been evacuated a number of times, which is unusual..."

August 22nd, 2001

After Colleen Rowley's memo was ignored by the FBIHQ including Dale Watson (Ex-CIA),she tries to get in touch on her own with the NSLU. She answers in an e-mail message, from an attorney at the National Security Law Unit (NSLU). "...Of course, with (ever important!) 20-20 hindsight, I now wish I had taken more time and care to compose my response..."

When asked by NSLU for my "assessment of (our) chances of getting a criminal warrant to search Moussaoui's computer", I answered, "Although I think there's a decent chance of being able to get a judge to sign a criminal search warrant, our USAO seems to have an even higher standard much of the time, so rather than risk it, I advised that they should try the other route..."

"...I believe that Minneapolis agents actually brought this point to FBIHQ's attention on August 22, 2001, but HQ personnel apparently ignored the directive..."

Colleen Rowley's memo was also ignored by John O'Neill, head of the FBI's counterterrorism branch.

August 23rd, 2001

The CIA sent out an urgent cable, labeled IMMEDIATE, to the State Department, Customs, INS and FBI, telling them to put the two men on the terrorism watch list..."

August 28th, 2001

After "a series of emails between Minneapolis and FBI HQ" concerning Colleen Rowley's mission to examine the case of Massaoui, she finally gave up.

September 7th, 2001

Jeb Bush refreshed and prepared Martial Law for florida.

September 10 th, 2001

Pentagon on high alert: A group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of "security concerns...."

September 10 th, 2001

Jerry Hauer (FBI), who organised the job for John O'Neill at the Twin Towers started to work for National Health Institute (Thommy Thompson) as a National Security advisor.

It is not known, how long he has worked there before, but this is a confirmed day.

He also worked at the SAIC's Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis in 1999.

Jerry Hauer also helped with the construction of the OEM center known as "the bunker" on an upper floor of 7 World Trade Center.

The CIA later confirmed, that they had an office there.

Building 7 collapsed for unknown reasons on September 11th. Officially it started to burn because of an explosion of an illegal gas tank inside the building. This gas tank was confirmed weeks after Sep11th.

In 1983, Hauer joined IBM where he was responsible for the company's Hazardous Materials Response and Crisis Management and Fire Safety programs. Hauer produced a series of hazardous materials training videos that earned him the International Film and TC Critics of New York Bronze award in 1986.

He also is co-authoring the rewrite of the World Health Organizations' monograph on chemical and biological weapons..."

Hauer also got a master's degree with a focus on emergency medical services at Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, a huge platform for one of the global players around 911.

Hauer was also a member of the John Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Bio Defense

Paul Wolfowitz worked there under his later-friend Mike Bloomberg.

Dr. Charles Inglesby of Hopkins helped the FBI in a possible anthrax case of one of the "hijackers".

September 10th, 2001

John O' Neill celebrated his new job at the Twin Towers together with Jerry Hauer and Robert Tucker, a friend and security-company executive at the China Club, a night spot in midtown.

Other sources claim, he started on August 23rd, the day when the CIA sent their "cable".

September 10th

High Alert at Wright/Patterson and many other US Bases. Later they claim, it was a regular alert. FEMA appears in NYC (CNN),

The Defense Language Institute in Monterey was put on alert, but this was later downplayed in the main media.

On May26th, 2002, a letter by Lt. Col. Steve Butler (DLI, Monterey) is released in the Herald Tribune, where he accuses President Bush, that he let the attack happen on purpose:

"Of course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama"

The full letter is at  http://www.democrats.com/view.cfm?id=7735

Butler gets fired. The story appears on BBC:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_2025000/2025939.stm>

The Echelon spy network was being used to collect information about the terrorist threats

The SAMS (The Army's School of Advanced Military Studies) officers say:

'Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.'"

("US troops would enforce peace under Army study," Washington Times, Sept.. 10, 2001, pg. A1, 9.) Just 24 hours after this story appeared, the Pentagon was hit and the Arabs were being blamed..."

SF Mayor Willie Brown was warned not to use a plane the next morning and Salman Rushdie was not allowed to use planes during the first weeks of September.

The Pentagon was on high alert, as Newsweek has learned.

Sept. 24 issue

"...In late June the CIA warned of possible terrorist action against U.S. targets, including those in the United States, for the Fourth of July. Nothing happened, but then in July the agency again warned about possible attacks overseas. The threat seemed grave enough to force U.S. ships in Middle Eastern ports to head for sea. Three weeks ago there was another warning that a terrorist strike might be imminent.

But there was no mention of where. On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns...."

10 warnings of different secret services had been ignored about an attack on america, at least 20 other stories point on prior knowledge or sabotaged early warnings.

September 11th, 2001

President Bush claims, he saw the first plane crash live on TV. He also claimed, he had no prior knowledge or received any warnings about an attack involved with planes. This was later debunked as a lie by CBS on May 15th, 2002.

After 30 minutes in a school, he started to react to the attack on America.

Months later he still claimed that the first plane crash must have been an accident by a "lousy pilot". President Bush and Vice Presidnet Cheney try to stop an investigation of 911 and later denied this again. Tom Daschle can prove that this was a lie.

September 11th, 2001

As AP reported in October, the White House including staff took Cipro on the evening of that day.

The CFR said in an interview, that now George Bush has the chance to finish what his father didn't. They mention also a new world order.

On the first version of all passenger lists none of the 19 hijackers appeared. 6-8 original identities later confirm, that there are still alive, but the FBI never changed the list.

"..Air Force spokesman Col. Ken McClellan says, a man named Mohamed Atta -- which the FBI has identified as one of the five hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11 on the same day -- had once attended the International Officer's Schoolat Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala..."

He later denied his own report! But Witnesses from the Base remember Mohammad Atta from his moustache.

The story later is twisted into a second Mohammad Atta.

Paul Wolfowitz confirms about Flight 93: "in fact we were already tracking in on that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania"

On May 23rd, 2002, the Guardian UK confirmed the possible shootdown without any source of evidence:

"..U.S. fighters were flying to intercept it, and possibly shoot it down, when it crashed.."


September 11th, 2001

Jerry Hauer identifies the dead body of John O'Neill in the rubble of the Twin Towers.

He said, that his "remains were nothing the family ought to view"

That means, neither O'Neills girlfriend Valerie James, his father John P. O'Neill or his wife or childrens John, Jr., and his younger sister, Carol had been allowed to identify the body.


September 14th, 2001

Sun Sentinel claims, that "..twelve of 19 people the FBI believes hijacked four jetliners in Tuesday's deadly terrorist attacks stayed in Florida.."

September 16th, 2001

Bin Laden denied again that he was involved in the Sep11th attack. He faxed a statement to Afghan Islamic Press (AIP)

September 16th, 2001

Barry Mawn, FBI, classified a recovered passpord in the rubble of Vesey Street, by one of the hijackers. The name of the owner, which he didn't disclose, was later revealed by ABC as Satam M. A. Al Suqami.

Mawn was one of the few FBI agents, who also convinced John O' Neill to start a job at the Twin Towers:

"...It would be a powerful position," Mawn says. "That person would have direct contact with the FBI and turn around and influence top Cabinet people, and possibly even the president..."

Mawn was involved in a controversial Boston investigation years ago
 http://www.laborers.org/HartfordCourant_12-23-99.html, in the EgyptAir investigation
 http://www.yowusa.com/authors/srussell/4Q99/flight990_1/EgyptAir_Flight_990_1.ht mL in the UNAbomber case in 1993.

He was appointed as an Assistant Director of the FBI on March 30, 2000 by former New York-FBI director Louis J. Freeh

September 18th, 2001

First Anthrax Hoax in Milwaukee, but without major coverage. A scientist told Milwaukee police that he was building an anthrax delivery system in his basement. The man's employment history was verified with a former employer, the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. He was fired twice - in 1996 and 1999.

The main media start to speculate about a possible biological threat soon.

September 20th, 2001

Four days after the attack Top Pentagon Advisor Richard Perle tries to blame the attack on Iraque. In a meeting with the Wolfowitz Cabal they discussed a strategy and finally sent a letter to Bush with 41 signatures to continue their strategy.

"The only way to eliminate Saddam Hussein's governance is by organizing a coup d'etat against him..."
( http://www.fas.org/news/iraq/1998/10/981019-in.htm , 1998)

September 21nd, 2001

Jerry Hauer (now Ex-FBI), National Health Institute assumes on a audtiorium on the Rockefeller campus , that 911 and possible bio attacks are connected with Iraq.

September 25th, 2001

An envelope at NBC was tested negative. (The same envelope who later tested positive in October). This information didn't become public.

Barry Mawn, FBI doesn't allow to investigate the NBC-Anthrax

September 26th, 2001

Bob Stevens, photo editor for the Sun Sentinel, travels to North Carolina

September 28th, 2001

Bin Laden in an interview with Ummat: "...I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States.." He confirmed this statement in 3 other magazines including to AFP:


September 28th, 2001

Thomas Inglesby of Hopkins Institute wants to have a BioDefense Budget:

"..the Pentagon spent $264 billion to deter regional conflicts, $28 billion to protect against a "peer" nuclear attack and $3 billion on all other biological, chemical, cyber and nuclear assaults. Of that, he said, $250 million went to public health systems. "It would be a mistake not to change the funding patterns of the past".

Inglesby, still only "professor and researcher", participated in a panel called "Covering Terrorism: What Every Editor Should Know."


October 1st, 2001

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Public health consumer advocate and author of "Death in the Air" first hand delivered a memo to his regional F.B.I. office on October 1, 2001, almost two weeks before the first anthrax letter was sent from Trenton, New Jersey to the American media building in Boca Raton, Florida. His action was prompted by reading, the Final Report-the Oklahoma City bombing grand jury investigation commissioned study by then State Representative Charles Key

October 1st, 2001

Jerry Hauer (now ex-FBI), National Health Institute warns to prepare of "consequences of a bio-terrorist attack." in an interview with Sarah Wallace, Eyewitness News

October 1st, 2001

Dr. Thomas Inglesby, John Hopkins Institute, gets the position of Deputy Director. Tara O'Toole, M.D., M.P.H. is named Director of the Hopkins Center D.A. Henderson turns into Director of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Public Health Preparedness, named by Secretary Tommy G. Thompson.

Early October 2001

BIOPORT has problems to distribute CIPRO vaccines. BAYER from germany finally promise to send their vaccines and increased their stocks.

Thomas Inglesby, M.D. assumed the position of Deputy Director at Hopkins. Former Center Director. D.A. Henderson turned into Director of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Public Health Preparedness, named by Secretary Tommy G. Thompson.

Tara O'Toole, M.D., M.P.H. was named Director of the Hopkins Center. Toole was nominated by President Clinton to be assistant secretary of Energy for Environment Safety and Health and served in this position until 1997
 http://www.jhsph.edu/bioterrorism/Bnr_11_02.htm She often works with Inglesby together.

October 2001

The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Tommy Thompson, and other Bush cabinet members have been meeting secretly (that is, illegally) with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force

October 2001

The Iraqi National Congress, the exiled group that opposes Saddam Hussein, said it recently held meetings in London with Mr James Woolsey, former CIA director. Administration sources have said his trip was funded and approved by Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary. But Woolsey made no comment about the exact nature of his brief. He told The Telegraph: "I was in London and that's it."

October 4th, 2001

Bob Stevens (63), Sentinel Sun, AMI Building, Lantana/Florida, learns from the TV and internet, that he has anthrax. Steve Coz, AME Director: "..We found out that Bob Stevens had anthrax on the Internet at 3:00 on Thursday.." Sun Production Editor learned on CNN, Bob Stevens sitting next to him from another editor: "Bob Stevens is on the news. He has anthrax."
 http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/southflorida/sfl-ami13oct13.story?coll=sf la-home-headlines

From a later story on October 12th: "..We called the Palm Beach County Health Deparment from 3:00 to 7:30 leaving messages -- we must have left 20 messages. At 7:30 somebody finally picked up the phone."

October 5th, 2001

After 48 hours in advance, the Nationa Health Department comes to AMI-Building, Boca Raton

October 5th, 2001

Bob Stevens, the photo editor in Florida becomes the first respiratory anthrax fatality since 1976, when he dies at 4 PM at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Fla. No envelope was found until today. American Media Editorial Director Steve Co speculates:

"..We know Mohamed Atta was within three miles of the building, We know he was within a mile of Bob Stevens house.." AME is told by FBI not to mention "too much details." Mohammed Atta took some of his flight lessons at the Palm Beach Flight School Lantana, Florida and Jones Aviation at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport,Vero Beach.

October 5th, 2001

Thomas Inglesby, John Hopkins Institute is interviewed in the article: "Exploring Whether Humans Have an Anti-Anthrax Gene".
story?coll=ny-health-h eadlines

October 8th 2001

Second Anthrax Case confirmed in the nasal passage of a co-worker of Bob Stevens. It's Ernesto Blanco, a 73-year-old Cuban American in the mailroom of American Media office building in Boca Raton. After 4 days ignoring a connection to Mohammad Atta, the Media writes that, Bob Stevens lived 1 mile from Palm Beach County Park Airport, where Atta took flight lessons at a simulator. Since today noone wonders about that coincidence. Finally the FBI announces at 4:30 PM that the anthrax Incidents is a result of terrorism or criminal action, Attorney General John Ashcroft said .

October 11th, 2001

Rumours about Small Pox at VICE Magazine, New York. Evacuation and tests. No media involved.

October 11th, 2001

President Bush puts Malaysia on the list of countries, who harbours terror organisations He also decides to send an anti-terror-team to Philipines.

October 12th, 2001

2nd "Malaysia"-story on that day: Microsoft office in Reno, Nevada gets an envelope from from Malaysia All Employees tested negative.

October 12th 2001:

Sun Sentinel still wonders, why the FBI sees no link between Mohammad Atta and the anthrax attack. American Media Editorial Director Steve Co speculates:

"..We know Mohamed Atta was within three miles of the building, we know he was within a mile of Bob Stevens house.." AME told by FBI not to mention "too much details."

A few 911-skeptics speculate, that the "masterplan" was already changed in these weeks. The connection 911 terrorists-anthrax" was sabotaged by the OSI, CIA + Co.

October 13, 2001

story?coll=sf la-home-headlines

American Media Editorial Director Steve Coz said he thinks the anthrax found at the Boca Raton building was placed there as part of a bioterrorist attack. It arrived on Bob Stevens' desk," Coz said Friday on ABC's Good Morning America

October 14th, 2001

Story in Sunday Times gives a new bizarre twist:

Now it looks like, "..the wife of Bob Stevens's boss rented an apartment to Atta while he was doing his flight training in preparation for the attacks. The FBI is also investigating reports that Atta visited a local pharmacy and asked for medicine for a skin complaint..."

October 16th, 2001

Over the last couple of months BIOPORT has failed countless US inspections and are NOT permitted to produce any vaccine for civilian use.Today as reported by CNN they have asked the US gov't for permission to start mass producing for the public. But the Health Control FDA didn't renew their license twice in the last three years. Government tried to give new contract for DynCorp , but failed because under big media pressure of the Anthrax attacks. BAYER got the ok for the distribution. Some 911 sceptics wonder if they had been sabotaged on purpose to avoid investigative reports about them

October 24th, 2001

New Scientist writes, that the anthrax bacteria is likely to be US military strain

October 25, 2001

Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Tommy Thompson also asked Congress for another $500 million to produce enough of Acambis's smallpox vaccine "so every American will be assured there is a dose with his or her name on it if it is needed" Many argue, that the vaccines are reported with various side effects, including a sudden death.

October 26, 2001

 http://www.cjr.org/owners/disney.asp Confirmation that Bentonite isn't the indicator for the Anthrax Spores, but Seneca, as used in the States. Iraq was falsly accused by ABC News and their "four well-placed and separate sources" to be the only country to use Bentonite and writes wrong, that the spores had been indicated with bentonite.

Bentonite, Hydrated (Intestinal) is a natural clay that comes from volcanic ash. It is often used as a thickener in facial masks as it absorbs excess oil and dirt from the skin.

October 26th, 2001

Daily Telegraph,who is owned by Top Pentagon advisor Richard Perle (Hollinger Inc.) starts with a series of articles about a possible connection of Mohammed Atta and an iraqi diplomacy. The paper quotes also his best friend, James Woolsey (ex-CIA director): "I doubt very seriously if this was simply a social relationship or that they liked to drink Czech beer together."

This story was picked up by other british papers and reached the States within a few days. The story was finally debunked as false in late November 2001, but often reappared again in 2002.

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October 31, 2001

During the same period, almost all british and US-papers ignored another article, first released as a radio report about a meeting of Bin laden and CIA agent Larry Stevens in June 2001, by Richard Labevierre (Radio France International, "Terror Dollars" (2000, about illegal Al-Quaida accounts), which was picked up on same day by ananova, yahoo singapore, GROUND ZERO Forum NYC, Le Figaro, DER SPIEGEL and DrudgeReport.

Late October 2001

Johnson + Johnson now wants to give away their product Levaquin, an anti anthrax sirup, for free. They got ignored.

Other companies like Pfizer start to work on their drug Vibramycin.

GlaxoSmithKline und Aventis promised to offer other drugs for other bio weapon diseases or symptoms.

End October 2001

The FBI claims, they have visited Dr. Tsonas (Holy Cross) to ask him something about some hijackers.

November 2001

Thomas Picking retires from the FBI

November 2001

DynCorp, who is strongly connected with ENRON and the government, gets a new contract for $51 million to upgrade the FBI's information technology network, as well as an $8.2 million contract to manage SEC information technology.

ENRON's Kenneth Lay who worked at the Department of Defense under Robert McNamara, as did the Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur (former DynCorp excutive), another member of the Enron Board of Directors and member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) DynCorps auditor of record is Arthur Andersen.

On the board of DynCorp is also General P.C. Carns, a retired US Air Force general who served as vice chief of staff and as director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to the DynCorp Proxy statement, Carns is also a member of the Defense Science Board and the Board of Advisors, National Security Agency DynCorp also worked with the PROMIS sofware DynCorp is involved in many bizarre cases, like Bosnia Sex Scandals, aircraft crashes in Afghanistan and many CIA-connected business deals in South- and Middle America.
 http://www.insightmag.com/main.cfm/main.cfm/main.cfm/include/detail/storyid/2296 90.html

November 2001

Between October and November the media pushes various reports about new control systems, surveillance camera systems, Opinion Mining, Wireless Biometry, Nanosatellites, Face Recognition, Chat- and Boardsniffer, Brain Scans, the National ID, The Pentagon Smart ID, the VeriChip or other Tracking Tools. Other special magazines reveal news about Skin color spectrum monitor programs or Nanobarcodes.

November 9th, 2001

Officially on this day a video of Bin Laden is produced in Jahlalabad. On the same day the Northern Alliance have their first success, storming Mazar-el-Sharif. Many journalists wrote, that this attack was provoked by the CIA and lead to the first big loss of the Taliban. Donald Rumsfeld claims, "someone" found this video two weeks later in Kandahar.

At that time, none of the Northern Alliance or the US Troops had been arrived in Kandahar or Jahlalabad.

November 10th, 2001

"Bin Laden, the Forbidden Truth", written by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie is released. It includes an interview with former FBI John O'Neill and many oil pipeline maps of Afghanistan.

November 11th, 2001

"..The New York Times (November 11, 2001) reported that F.B.I. agents were denied access to "some pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey

November 12th, 2001

DynCorp, also major government contractor for data processing, military operations and intelligence work, was awarded a $322 million contract to develop, produce and store vaccines for the Department of Defense

DynCorp and Hadron, both defense contractors connected to classified research programs on communicable diseases, have also been linked to a software program known as PROMIS.

DynCorp is connected with the CIA as the nation's twenty-second largest defense contractor with 1998 U.S. Government contract revenues of $475 millio

James Woolsey, former CIA director and friend of Pentagon advisor Richard Perle (Hollinger Inc.= Daily Telegraph, Jerusalem Post etc..) was director of DynCorp some years ago

ENRON executive Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur was on the board of DynCorp from 1988 to 1997, Winokur was also the Chairman and CEO of DynCorp. It was said, that ENRON worked with 20 CIA agents to bribe business deals.

DynCorp is one of the lead contractors for the new phony War on Drugs in South America called "Plan Colombia".

DynCorp helped clients such as the U.S. Army,s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP), the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Postal Service. On the list of DynCorp clients from the public sector:

U.S. Postal Service (USPS), Centers for Disease Control, Department of Defense etc..

DynCorp is also responsible for the crashes of the helicopters in Afghanistan, as confirmed by tech mag insight, reported by investigative reporter Kelly Patricia O'Meara .
 http://www.insightmag.com/main.cfm/main.cfm/main.cfm/include/detail/storyid/2296 90.html

November 13th, 2001

Len Horowitz, Harvard trained medical researcher, best-selling author, and biowarfare expert writes a letter to the FBI on anthrax. Did Bayer - a company connected to WWII Nazis (IG Farben) had prior knowledge about the anthrax attacks?

November 14th, 2001

Loeb Professor of Biophysics and Biochemistry DON C. WILEY disappeared during a business trip to Memphis. His dead body was found almost 6 weeks later. The FBI, not investigating until then, changed a police report from "suicide" to "accident"

November 14th, 2001

Thomas Inglesby, Hopkins Institute in an article about the Postal Workers, who died on Anthrax: "...According to NIH researcher Dr. Luciana Borio, the two workers' symptoms were initially misidentified as flu.."

November to March 2002

At least 11 BioScientists died, some of them within days or weeks under strange circumstances. 911 sceptics claimed, some of them had been killed, because they probably knew, who was behind the attacks or even had been involved.

November 17th, 2001

Reporters from the famous underground fanzine rotten.com find out that the nuclear documents found in a private house in kabul by a british journalist, turned out to be a harmlesss and an useless parody. Jason Scott, as NY Times reported, "searched the Web for phrases visible in a film of the Time's document broadcast by the BBC and discovered its source, a spoof published in 1979 in a takeoff on scientific journlas known as the Journal of Irreproducible results".

November 23rd, 2001

Vladimir Pasechnik, former director of the Institute of Ultra Pure Biochemical Preparations, a component of the Soviet biowarfare establishment, Biopreparat, dies officially from a stroke

December 5th, 2001

Clayton Lee Waagner, suspected anthrax hoaxer is nabbed  http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/12/05/anthrax.abortion/

December 10th, 2001

The Federation of American Scientists come to the conclusion, that the Anthrax-Strain must have been produced, possessed and treated in one of 16 mentioned US-Laboratories, including the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (Ft. Detrick, MD), Battelle Memorial Institute (Ohio), University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque or in addition the CDC, NIH


The Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks is released by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, Federation of American Scientists with a complete list of the suspects, scientifically proved

Barbara Rosenberg thinks, that the FBI knows, who is behind the attacks and comes to the conclusion, that they had been sabotaged by CIA and Fort Detrick.

Rosenberg is supported by european BioScience- specialist Jan v. Aken and by colleague and friend, Professor Francis Boyle, a human rights lawyer and a professor of law at the University of Illinois. He is the author of "The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence". He studied many different biowarfare contracts, which "safety levels were atrocious".

December 14th, 2001

Spiescafe.com thinks, that the DC Anthrax appears to come "from an illegal CIA funded project", and is 100% home grown

December 14th, 2001

Postal workers and doctors in states handling anthrax cases leveled criticism Thursday at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, saying the CDC has been reporting conflicting information.

December 16th, 2001

The Pentagon starts with their campaign again Barbara Rosenberg: "...A genetic match between the anthrax spores in the letters mailed to Capitol Hill and those in the Army's stockpile wouldn't necessarily provide clues to who was responsible for the bioterrorist attack, an Army spokesman said..."

December 17th, 2001

Top anthrax scientists are backing the use of an experimental weapon for the war on spores: the vaccination needle. Critics argue that the vaccine isn't necessary and may cause health problems.

December 17th, 2001

The CIA starts with their campaign against Barbara Rosenberg:

"..CIA laboratories were not the source of the deadly anthrax bacteria mailed to Capitol Hill, a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency spokesman said on Sunday.."

December 18th, 2001

CDC under criticism again. "Postal workers and doctors in states handling anthrax cases leveled criticism Thursday at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, saying the CDC has been reporting conflicting information -- and sometimes none at all."

December 21st, 2001

According to the Washington Post, the FBI had still not investigated Porton Down for possible culpability in the anthrax mailings despite the fact they maintained the identical Ames strain of anthrax, and through ownership in Bioport was connected with Battelle Memorial Institute and the DoD's lucrative "Joint Vaccine Acquisitions Program".

The article also mentioned that U.S. anthrax experts, including those at Fort Detrick (USAMRIID), routinely consulted with Porton Down officials in efforts to prepare powdered weaponized Ames strain anthrax..."

January 9th, 2002

Thomas Picking, ex NYC-FBI director starts a job as Head Of Corporate Security at the pharmacy concern Bristol Myers Squibb.

March 1st, 2002

For unknown reasons, Barry Mawn retired at the FBI  http://www.fbi.gov/pressrel/pressrel00/mawn.htm

He said, he was "saddened and angered by the charges"

Before Mawn was one of the favourites to replace FBI interior director Tom Pickard and assistant director Neil Gallagher. (the other favourites: FBIHQ-Assistant Director Reuben Garcia and Bruce Gephardt, the special agent in charge in San Francisco)

April 9th, 2002

Barry Mawn (now ex-FBI) is one of the favourites for Massport as a security chief for $250,000 a year.

June 6th, 2002

Judicial Watch has filed lawsuits against several Bush administration agencies for failure to produce documents concerning the terrorist anthrax attacks of last October.

The agencies named include: the FBI, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and the U.S. Postal Service. The documents were requested under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA.