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2003 "Summer of Dissent" Tour

...tell CSPAN, CNN, FOX, and the rest: "We do not want or need your coverage, or your network... go film yourselves."
(First time contributing to open publishing, had trouble making paragraph indents) I am only writing because I can't understand why there is so much focus on getting the mainstream media to listen to us and broadcast our events(yes,I include CSPAN in that group). In the same light, why do we keep trying to make the current Administration, Congress, and the Corporate Goons listen to us and stop the war? I hate to say this, but I really don't think they care. Or maybe a lot of them just see bogeymen/terrorists hiding behind every bush/Bush and they are afraid to say or do anything. It seems to me that we could spend decades of precious time petitioning these folks. Maybe we just want to believe that the system works and that if we have 10 million people in the streets that then "They" will finally have to hear us and answer our calls for justice. I wonder how much time in the 1700's was spent on petitioning the King of England? Let's have a march AWAY from Washington. An Evacuation Demonstration - How to leave Washington DC before they close the roads. What if...the same people that are holding this news conference had (and still could) hired a camera crew and filmed the event themselves and bought time on TV just like the Infomercial producers? Too expensive? How about a couple of fundraising events to raise the money, (isn't that what the GOP would do?) I know it is grossly unfair that we should have to purchase the right to be heard, but it is one way to get around the censors. In the summer, people love festivals and picnics etc., and it seems like people are turning out in droves to hear Ruppert and Mooore and others, why not bring it all together in a summer tour venue (how about the 2003 "Summer of Dissent" Tour for next year)? There are LOTS of way to get seen and heard, why not start planning more long term projects? And tell CSPAN, CNN, FOX, and the rest:"We do not want or need your coverage, or your network. This is a paid commercial broadcast, so go film yourselves." As for the Feds, OK we can all turn out en mass for the next election and vote against Bush and pals. The problem is that a lot of the really BAD Bad Guys are not elected to office. We do not get to vote for the people who have the real policy making power. (Although they often get appointed to office when they retire from their positions on the Boards of Oil Companies). Also, it's hard to know who to vote for when you only get to choose between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, of these two, who do you think will best represent the interests of the people? I keep hearing that we need to "call on our congressional leaders to do the right thing", how about if we call on the people in their districts to turn down those Weapons Manufacturing Contracts and walk away from those jobs? What if... we started focusing all of our resources on getting things done WITHOUT THEM? Using all of our collective knowledge time,and money to create alternatives instead of wasting our breath petitioning the US Monarchy and the Corporate Neo-Colonialists for justice. Is is possible that we are completely at their mercy? Can we not change anything without getting them to pass some law for us? It seems to me that if we are really on our own, then we need to help each other create completely new vision of "Government" (if goverment is what we need) and help each other to make that happen. I just would't count on any help from those in government now,(even when they want to help it's often too little and too late). Is there any chance that we could organize some rallies for the people and by the people? There is so much that we could share: info, resources, food, clothes, exchanges of Local Currency, trades, barters, etc. Let's start talking about new concepts of government, and alternative economic strategies (while we still can). If anyone in Washington is interested, they can come to us. Let's give the media something to chase after, they don't like it when we tell them to stay away. Maybe it's time for "plan B"?
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Good Ideas 11.Jun.2002 09:15

small-town activist tduncan@pacifier.com

You are so right about the colonists petitoning KingGeorge-they did do it, and it didn't work. And the Tories are back, this time all hooked up all over the world. Excellent idea about buying time on media outlets. And another way to get the word out would be mass public meetings(I'm thinking about Unanwered Questions.org at this moment). Jim Hightower's hosting Chatauggua-type(like revivals) meetings and they're attracting thousands of people.It's in large groups where we could establish physical networks and develop barter groups and divide tasks. Let me know how I can help.