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government's dirty deeds and lies

look at what your government is protecting you from this week!
Morocco Nabs Three Al Qaeda 'Planning Ship Attacks'

Mon Jun 10, 6:51 PM ET

SKHIRAT, Morocco (Reuters) - Morocco has arrested three Saudi members of al Qaeda who had been preparing to carry out "terrorist attacks" on U.S. and British ships in the Straits of Gibraltar, a senior government official said on Monday.

"Morocco's security services have dismantled a network of al Qaeda who planned terrorist attacks on U.S. and British warships crossing the Straits of Gibraltar... It was a successful operation," the official, who declined to be named, told Reuters.

The official said the three men, holding Saudi passports, were arrested in Morocco last month, but he declined to identify them.

The three were being held in custody in Casablanca prior to their interrogation by the prosecutor, the official said.



Feds Thwart Al Qaeda 'Dirty Bomb' Plot

"We have disrupted an unfolding terrorist plot to attack the United States by exploding a radioactive dirty bomb," Attorney General John Ashcroft ( news - web sites) said in announcing the arrest from Moscow, where he was meeting Russian officials.

all stirred up 10.Jun.2002 16:21


they're just trying to keep us all stirred up. i don't believe it.

What timing! What sensationalist crap!! 10.Jun.2002 16:34

"Sammy said so"

>>Reposted from global indymedia newswire:

"Dirty bomb? What timing! What sensationalist crap!!"

So the FBI claims it has foiled an Al Qaeda plot to explode a radioactive dirty bomb in Washington D.C. and thereby make the nation's capital uninhabitable for a hundred years or so (and here I thought all those sleazy politicos had already rendered it pretty much unfit for human habitation).

Anyhow, Attorney General Ashcroft announces these developments from Moscow, more than a month after Jose Padilla, the alleged plotter, was arrested, and even though the "evidence" against him consists of nothing more than the claim that he met (once) with the administration's convenient "informant" Abu Zabayda. (Thinking about this, doesn't it seem to you that virtually everything the Bushies have put forward to divert attention and justify their agenda originates from the mysterious and inaccessible Mr. Zabayda? Sort of like my 6-year old's imaginary friend Sammy, who always gets blamed whenever something is spilled or broken - "Sammy must have done it.")

In the wake of the Attorney General's bombshell announcement, there has been no shortage of "unnamed government officials" who immediately came forward "anonymously" to provide the media further details of the "plot", although I do notice that everything is qualified by "might have", "could have", "knew how to", etc. I mean, none of them is even suggesting that he had so much as a scrap of paper detailing the "plot", let alone access to the now-extremely-well-guarded radioactive waste and other materials essential to construction of such a device. Not that the FBI would ever exaggerate or fabricate such a story, particularly for political purposes! No way!

I hope they're able to do a lot better than that in court, since everything they've said so far could apply equally to me - or just about anyone else who's read the in-depth articles in the papers recently about dirty bombs and other potential terrorist scenarios. I even heard one commentator suggest that the fact Mr. Padilla is an American citizen justifies intrusive surveillance of Americans as well as foreigners, and I guess that must be true, since if I and a lot of other citizens know the principles behind a dirty bomb, no one is safe!

Anyway, Jose Padilla is now safely incommunicado in a naval brig in Charleston South Carolina, inaccessible to those pesky defense attorneys as well as to anyone who might seek to learn HIS version of events, and with the administration considering trying him in a secret military court, things could stay that way.

With his somewhat unsavory past as a member of a Chicago street gang who served a jail sentence in the early '90s (these tidbits also obligingly provided by our fearless G-Men), I don't guess Mr. Padilla will have too many advocates, which is probably just as well since it means the government can slam-dunk him without spending too much of our money and just give us the conclusion - saves us having to tax our little brains thinking too much ... sort of like Lee Harvey Oswald.

I just want to say I really appreciate not having to weigh any actual facts, and I sure am grateful to our intrepid secret police for being able to lock up eveybody who even THINKS about this kind of "terris" stuff. I feel safer already - and when they knock on MY door, I'll just tell 'em "Sammy did it." I'm sure my 6-year old will corroborate my alibi.

Re: government's dirty deeds and lies 11.Jun.2002 07:39


I agree. This "alleged" dirty bomb suspect was arrested back on May 8. Within a day's time, the news story has shifted to "just arrested." This is like something out of 1984.

I have to wonder how al Qaeda has become so powerful in two month"s time. You see, back in April, Dick Cheney came to my area for a fund raiser. The TV evening news reported his speech in which he told a group of grateful, wealthy Republicans that the al Qaeda network had been completely destroyed. Within a week, the administration's story had changed. Al Qaeda was acquiring nuclear weapons, biological weapons, ad nauseum.

These guys are full of shit, and are rotten to the core. They rule through fear and intimidation. But the problem is, if the current polls are correct, some 77 percent of the American people believe they are doing a good job of protecting us. The United States has become the bastian of ignorance and stupidity. The press is totally controlled! My only question is, how in the world do those of us who know, get the truth out in time?

Bush is building his fascist empire and police state every day. Congress is stumbling all over itself to enable this tyrant. We live in scary times.