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Disrupt the G8

Information on G8 protesting in Calgary
Come to Calgary, Canada to protest the G8.

Calgary is the largest city close to the G8 Summit occurring June 26th and 27th in Kananaskis. Calgary is the city where most of the G8 delegates will be staying during the Summit. Calgary is also the centre of the Canadian oil industry and as such is the headquarters for countless oil and communications corporations. Because of this, G8 activists are planning many events for Calgary to disrupt the G8. Here are some of them:

June 23rd - Community Solidarity March. This is a peaceful march organised by labour and community groups meant to give everyone a chance to oppose the G8 in a peaceful, safe and inclusive way.

June 25th - March and Street Party. A march meant to facilitate having a party in the streets.

June 26th - Disrupt the downtown. A five-prong march to block off traffic and shut down the business district. Moving blockades will be used to stop anyone from entering the downtown core.

June 26th - Die-in for Life. An action to remind people that thousands of people die every day as a result of the inequalities caused by the G8. This action will use street theatre, artistic components and direct action to show solidarity with the oppressed.