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1st Aid/Street Medic training for G8 to be held in Vancouver,BC

Black Cross Health Collective will conduct trainings for 1st Aid/street medics who are planning to attend the G8 meetings in Canada in late June. The trainings in Vancouver on June 15-16 will be for those who have no experience and for those who wish to work as 'street medics'. Trainings will be in English.
There will be free 1st Aid/Street medic trainings held in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 15-16,2002. Black Cross Health Collective will be working with community members to prepare for the upcoming G8 meetings in Canada in late June.
The training schedule:
Saturday, June 15, 10 AM-3 PM
Sunday, June 16, 10 AM-3 PM
Location is Wise Hall, 1882 Adanac (at Victoria Street).
The first day (Saturday) will train people to act as affinity group medics. Basic assessment (ABCDE) will be taught and practiced, how to transport victims, as well as how to work in groups and with emergency medical services. This training is designed for beginners, with lots of hands-on practice.
The second day (Sunday) is designed for those who have gone through the previous day and/or have experience in 1st Aid. More hands-on assessment, more herbal after-care and how to work as part of a 1st aid crew.
Trainings will be in English. Please come with an open mind, comfortable clothes and the kit you would carry, and shoes you can run in.
The trainings are sponsored by the Teddy Bear Brigade, which is sending a first aid/street medic crew to Calgary for the G8. Please RSVP to Shirley at Teddy Bear Brigade (preferred) or show up.

homepage: homepage: http://www.blackcrosscollective.org
address: address: Wise Hall, 1882 Adanac, Vancouver, British Columbia