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Don't forget - 'Jihad' as we know it was made by the CIA

Links to articles on how the CIA created the Taliban and supported Osama bin Laden as a way of fighting the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980's
Though the mainstream media seems to have forgotten, it is well documented that the CIA created the Taliban and supported Osama bin Laden as a way of fighting the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980's.

The Sept. 26, 2001 edition of "The Hindu" of India says, "[T]here is lot of weight in the thesis that the modern Jehadi-Islam is a by-product of intrigues by the West to keep the Islamic world under its suzerainty, devoid of any kind of democratic processes. And also to use it as a whipping boy occasionally whenever attention needs to be diverted from issues raised by anti-globalisation campaigners." [ Human Rights Online reprint of article ]

According to the Afgha press agency, "For ten years (1979-1989), the CIA and the Pakistan army trained and equipped mujahideen and Muslim mercenaries from around the world to fight the Soviet infidels... Once the Soviet forces left, the mujahideen turned on each other. The Taliban were the creation of the US with the active support of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as an alternative to the warring mujahideen." This article gives good background on the Afghan-Russian war, the CIA involvement, and the aftermath.

Tom Turnipseed, writing in Z Magazine, says, "[T]he mujahedeen were recruited by the CIA from across the Arab world to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Many of those same Arabs are now Taliban or al-Queda..."

Ahmed Rashid, in an article called "The Taliban: Exporting Extremism" and published in "Foreign Affairs", writes: "With the active encouragement of the CIA and Pakistan's ISI [Inter Services Intelligence], who wanted to turn the Afghan jihad into a global war waged by all Muslim states against the Soviet Union, some 35,000 Muslim radicals from 40 Islamic countries joined Afghanistan's fight between 1982 and 1992. Tens of thousands more came to study in Pakistani madrasahs. Eventually more than 100,000 foreign Muslim radicals were directly influenced by the Afghan jihad." [As quoted by Michel Chossudovsky in "Islamic 'Jihad' links to US foreign policy"]

So does the U.S. regret supporting the Taliban and Osama bin Laden? Apparently not: "Prior to the devastating September 11 attack on the twin towers of World Trade Center, US ruling-class figures remained unrepentant about the consequences of their dirty deals with the likes of bin Laden, Hekmatyar and the Taliban. Since the awful attack, they have been downright hypocritical. In an August 28, 1998, report posted on MSNBC, Michael Moran quotes Senator Orrin Hatch, who was a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee which approved US dealings with the mujaheddin, as saying he would make 'the same call again', even knowing what bin Laden would become. 'It was worth it. Those were very important, pivotal matters that played an important role in the downfall of the Soviet Union.' Hatch today is one of the most gung-ho voices demanding military retaliation."

Jihad textbooks for Afghani children, courtesy the U.S.A.
The CIA was not the only player involved in creating the Taliban and an anti-American culture in Afghanistan. The U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID) produced thousands of textbooks that became the "core curriculum" in Afghan schools in the 1990s, according to the Washington Post. These books were "were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines". Since then, the U.S. AID has started sending new books, but apparently only the pictures have been replaced, and the same fiery rhetoric remains. [Source: Washington Post, as quoted by Emporer's Clothes ]

The Cascadia Media Collective's Wartime News adds, "One page illustrates an Afghani Mujaheddin fighter (then recipients of US aid) with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Below him are words explaining that such men are obedient to Allah and will sacrifice life to impose Islamic law on the government. Humanitarian workers say the books are a crude tool that steeped a generation in violence."


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thanks 09.Jun.2002 20:26


thanks for featuring this! As an American this is something I feel strongly about as well, and strongly against the white racism against "Arab" populations that is only being used by the Bush Administration to fan the flames away from their own complicity and the CIA for funding religous extremists in the first place as proxy warriors!

Bin Laden, as we know, IS CIA historically!

Absolutely perfect!b 10.Jun.2002 18:09


What an enlightened news article. You make up silly straw men then knock them down citing articles from Islamofacist propaganda web sites. The CIA doesn't need to be against Islam. All you have to do is look at how much the people of Iran, Saudi Arabia and most of north Africa to see that it is a backward, homophobic, mysogenistic religion. Face it, any religion is going to be used to marginalize the weak and Islam is one of the most patriarchical of all religions. If you say otherwise then you have not opened the Quran.

I am glad that the little boy from harvard had the opportunity to say Jihad 6 times. Perhaps next year some christian will talk about his or her crusade and an Isreali can talk about their own zionist journey.


All religion is dangerous, including Islam 12.Jun.2002 03:32

Seth Weinberg Cook@buffalo.com

Since September 11, it has become a much-accepted cliche that the hijackers had somehow "warped" the tenets of the peaceful religion of Islam through their murderous actions. This sentiment was echoed most frequently by Christian leaders, as well as by religious politicians like George Bush; the latter has gone to great lengths, in fact to everything short of daily prayers to Mecca, to prove his sympathy for the Mohametan faith. The hijackers, we've been told, were exceptions, people who "failed to understand" Mohammed's message of peace and tolerance.

Why would Christians be so anxious to defend Islam? Probably because all religions are in the habit of declaring themselves peaceful, even as their followers murder in the name of God. Modern Christian theologians are fond of saying that the more violent passages of the Bible are not meant to be taken literally, and that what is important about Christianity is the overall message of peace and tolerance—not the constant and unceasing threat of the tortures of hell that so characterizes the Old Testament in particular.

But there's no mistaking the "overall message" of Islam. Any sane person who reads the Koran for the first time is bound to come away amazed by its relentless violence and narrow-mindedness. The Great Book has just a few main themes, each of which are repeated on virtually every page. They are:

(1) God will punish the unbelievers.

(2) A believer does not trust or befriend a non-believer.

(3) Anything less than absolute subservience to God will be rewarded with eternal Fire.

(4) God's wrath is expressed through men, i.e., believers.

(5) War is holy and necessary, and the fastest way to paradise.

There's a lot of the same stuff in the Bible, obviously, but the Bible at least has a few famous caveats. The Christian God reserves the right to vengeance for himself: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord." But the God of Islam expresses himself through his followers, "the Fire whose fuel is men and stones." There is none of the New Testament emphasis on the universality of sin, and nothing like "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." In Islam a believer is asked—required even—to cast stones at those who transgress against God.

The juiciest parts of the Koran are in the instructions about killing. The Koran instruction on this matter was probably informed by the experience of early Christians who had to tie their tongues in knots to get around the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" during times of war, or simply when killing seemed like the thing to do. The Koran therefore takes the Bible commandment and loads it up with qualifiers, so that it now reads, "You may not kill any man God has forbidden you to kill, except for a just cause." The commandment is repeated in this form several times throughout the book. In fact, according to the logic of the Koran, if you accept the basic idea that America has been hostile to the Islamic world, then nothing Mohammed Atta et al did made them bad Muslims at all, as far as we can tell.

Pretty much anyone who believes in any God is dangerous and crazy. But the Islamic God, it seems to us, is particularly dangerous and crazy. If I'm wrong, I'd be happy to be educated to the contrary. But you be the judge. Here are some of the highlights of the "peaceful" Koran:

Fighting is an obligatory thing for you, much as you may dislike it. 2:216

If you doubt what we have revealed to Our servant, produce one chapter comparable to it. Call upon your idols to assist you, if what you say be true. But if you fail (as you are sure to fail) then guard yourselves against the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the unbelievers. 2:23

Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Surely God is high, supreme. 4:34

If you do not go to war, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men. 9:39

They would have you disbelieve as they themselves have disbelieved, so that you may all be alike. Do not befriend them until they have fled their homes for the cause of God. If they desert you, seize them and put them to death wherever you find them. 4:88

If these do not keep their distance from you, if they neither offer you peace nor cease their hostilities toward you, lay hold of them and kill them wherever you find them. Over such men We give you absolute authority. 4:91

You shall not kill any man God has forbidden you to kill, except for a just cause. 17:32

True servants of the Merciful are those who... do not kill except for a just cause. 25:67

As for those who disbelieve in God and his apostles, we have prepared a blazing Fire for the unbelievers. 48:13

Moscow, Russia