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The World Trade Center Demolition

the demolishing team of the WTC is the same as the one who buried the remains of the Murrah building.
Available evidence suggests that on 2001-09-11, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were also destroyed by means of explosives in a controlled demolition, not because two hijacked planes were flown into them. It is not a great leap of imagination to suppose that the people who brought down the Murrah building later applied their talents to the Twin Towers, with, of course, much more far-reaching consequences, namely, the start of World War III.

The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism
It is interesting to note that the the company which has been contracted to cart away the rubble of the collapsed towers is the same company that carted away the rubble of the Murrah building, a company called Controlled Demolition.

Controlled Demolition Group, specializes in building demolition worldwide. They are one of a handful with the expertise to demolish a structure like the World Trade Center. ...
In the case of Oklahoma building, Controlled Demolition carted off the remains and buried them in a hole in the desert before the smoke had stopped rising from the ruins. Then the rubble was covered over, surrounded by a security fence and guarded. ...

That was an investigative fiasco given that there is no way an ammonium nitrate-fuel oil ('ANFO') bomb could have blown away a third of the structure. Furthermore, according to retired blast expert General Ben Partin, the blast velocity of ANFO bombs is incapable of the specific damage observed in the Murrah Building. Military explosive ten times more powerful would be needed to rip concrete away and leave steel reinforcing rods exposed.
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One of the only companies with the expertise to demolish a building like the WTC, eh?

So wouldn't it follow that said company would be an obvious choice when it comes time to pick up what's left of a fallen building? You wouldn't call the NYC trashmen for something like this, you'd call experts. Given that buildings are demolished far more often than they just fall down or are destroyed by terrorists, demolitions companies are the companies that know how to do such things.

Granted, there are many questions about 911. But the shotgun approach of noting the role of companies like Controlled Demoliton, the FEMA spokesman's statement (inre arriving 'last night'), and other such hokum only serves to undermine any efforts at serious inquiry.