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9.11 investigation

BD Power Play

They are playing against themselves, so stand back!
There was much ado about nothing when Bush Daddy Tribe aggravated this ---kosky dude when he was snapping "candid Polaroids" on the Commons last weekend; thus my Daddy said that it was appropriate for me to address this issue on Ithaca IMC as "an interested reader, who has been arrested four times here but never convicted", intent on ascertaining that this opportunity to punish the ---kosky dude is not wasted. It was strange to see the ---kosky dude go to the WTC disaster site with the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots who went to secure the retrieval of the remote control devices that crashed those planes (66464, 139628, 174299). I don't think that the ---kosky dude deserves a punishment anything like these other culprits; that would be a "slap on the wrist". We could use this oportunity to consign the ---kosky dude to "hard labor" building a "house" for the Lord and the Kingdom of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer(93509); but we won't tell him about the "Lord-God part". We could get "Judge Judy" to issue a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Dan. 9:25), which they surely should have destroyed by now (Jer. 9:11). We could get Judge Judy or some other important person to do the "country in a day, nation in a moment" trick (Is. 66:8). Then we could send all the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots who are fit (166317) with the ---kosky dude to ensure that this temple gets built on time (Ez. 40-48); and that this country, Israel, (it's gotta be Israel!) stakes its claim on Judah as God's portion in the holy land (Zech. 2:12). Here I was thinking that the ---kosky dude had suckerpunched somebody or something like that; but it seems like they caught him redhanded "molesting morons", and it has gone unpunished for close to a year now! Since Bush Daddy's reign as the renegade Jacob is about to end (Ps. 59:13; Mic. 1:5) when he assumes the role of the Great Dead King of Israel (Hosea 10:15); we could force the ---kosky dude and everybody who goes with him to assume the name of "Jacob" (Is. 44:5). Then we could blame the "Jacob" dudes in Jerusalem for anything bad that God does while this "house" is being built. Thus the lawless ones of Jacob will be sent abroad in captivity as the Israelite-wannabes who will build this Temple, er "house", and to punish this ---kosky dude. Although this might be part of a "power play" of the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots to get this "house" built so that they can desecrate it with their Great Dead King or some other desolation (Mt. 24:15), we can't reveal that either, for the ---kosky dude needs to be convinced that it is a "house" that he will be building.

On the Midwest front (181226, 182222), I have been fighting something akin to the Nazis taking control of the press in Germany (174299) on Milwaukee and Minnesota IMCs. All of the other sites, except for Cleveland and St. Louis have "gotten in bed" with BDT. Meanwhile the storms appear to be tracking Bush Daddy's movements from his Midwest strongholds to "Nicky's" "discreet narcotic operation" on Arthur St. in Binghamton (Jer. 23:19; 62371, 183807). "Need a hit, boy?" The lawless ones of BDT also appear to have abducted the "tiger", Lil' Garry of "Children Will Rule Over Them" (Dan. 7:6; 32454). The "tiger" should still be able to show them that it's "child's play" to outwit these morons. Bush Daddy also claims that the ill-gotten proceeds uncovered via the investigation of Granada Corporation (51602, 51259) have made the U.S. solvent; but they will probably try to cover that up too. Bush Daddy's kid seeking Cabinet-level for "home security" may be another part of this "power play", for they are probably trying to make the lawless ones legitimate. Or are they going to slap electronic bracelets on all of them (182222)? Whatever the case, this "terrorism scare" reeks of the "Creative NonViolence" (33468) of the DC security guards that would trash a place in order to get hired for security. Meanwhile the lawless ones have been accentuating that Anthrax has always been one of their main "tools" for decimating the population (82672, 153901). BDT throws Anthrax at their victims until BDT can convince the victim or somebody else that the victim is "sick enough" to be dying of anything that they can dream up. "I'd like to help you son, but it looks bad!" It's no wonder that they are talking Cabinet-level for emergency personnel, for the dang ambulance and the paramedics have already started patrolling the populace like "goosesteppers". They will target anyone who displays symptoms of or mentions their chemical-mongering game at all. As far as the "piss on roses" mentality of these niggardly asinine Zionists goes (183807); growing White Oaks is probably another way to get the BDT to come out and identify themselves (Mic. 2:12). BDT seems to think that "denuding the earth" (Is. 24:1) was their job; thus you will probably find it easy to catch them trying to destroy the oaks (Is. 33:1). It is no co-incidence that BDT has set a trap for their own lives (Prov. 1:18) so that they end up moving on themselves when they make a "power play". We have to assure that this "power play" is used as much as possible to expose the fools and ensure that the fool is called noble no more (Is. 32:5; 79546). Ahem! That is a "power play" to "make Bush Daddy's day!"

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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