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Suddenly Last Summer

Perfect Denial or National Psychosis is upon us. We are not interested in the truth in general, what is it that drives us to be so apathetic?
Suddenly Last Summer

SEATTLE - 7 June 2002 - by Richard Lancaster

"Perfect Denial", or "National Psychosis" is upon us. Not that it hasn't been there for some considerable time - all my life for sure, and then some. The ability of the media to steal the mind's focus, large parts of the memory, critical analytical functions and to eventually manage society's consent to all kinds of immoral and unethical acts on the part of the "people's" government, is little understood by the masses.

Whilst being misled by the corporate-controlled media, on behalf of the corporate-controlled government, on critical issues of national and global policy and direction, the public is simultaneously fed a diet of consumerism/materialism, titillating entertainment, complex irrelevant life issues, misguided rhetoric on those opposed to our role in global affairs and a whole host of other trivia that serves to perpetually distract, manipulate, manage and confound - depending on the current prevailing agenda of those that control the message.

That this is the case, to some of us, is so self-evident as to be almost silly to debate. But to the masses this is a mere theory that is seemingly buried under a mountain of feces so stinky and so vile that the effort of searching for the truth in that pile of detritus is just too disgusting to even attempt - remaining oblivious while enjoying Western cultures' stature as the "place to be in the free world" is far too intoxicating for the masses. The mental exertion required to shovel the shit out of the way and think independently, and with critical clarity, is way too much to ask of a mind that has been programmed to not think - hardly at all!

I was lucky (I think!?) to be born with an overdeveloped cynicism gland - the tiny organ sits right above the eyes and just in front of the cranium - right in lobotomy territory! This revolutionary gland (which some call the "third eye") is a relatively recent evolutionary development, and consequently has never been detected by modern science; it is truly a gift if you actually possess one. Bottom line is this gland enables one to think cynically on important issues, when ones societal programming would ordinarily have one switch on the TV and tube-out instead.

Since the terror events suddenly last summer I have spent quite a few man years thinking about this issue and trying to understand it (yes, man years of thinking in just 8 months! How is that possible you may ask? Well it's quite easy to explain! The average human only appears to think for about one month of each year - based on my qualitative analysis!*#@!? - so in reality several man-years of thinking can be crammed into 8 months for someone graced with a cynicism gland!).

Anyway, there is so much about the events of late last summer that just doesn't add up, both on the financial front as well as the cultural front, that it is astounding to me that the masses, with their veils firmly pulled over their third eyes, seem to be in complete denial of what is going on here - apparently the depths of their programming was so thorough that society at large is no longer capable of even basic cynicism regarding the official explanation of the most outrageous terrorist event of our time, or any other time.

Just how much responsibility our society actually needs to take for this inaction is a huge question. The fact that ultimately we are all responsible for the actions of our "leaders" I guess means that there is a lot of responsibility to share around? Negligence is no defense in the eyes of the law, just because our corpocracy uses sophisticated means to manipulate and manage our freewill does not absolve us from our societal and cultural responsibilities.

The net result of 9/11 seems to be that we are inexorably heading towards a "Clash of Civilizations," us Judeo-Christians against them; Muslims, Hindu's, Confucianists and/or Buddhists. Whether some rational leadership can be deployed against this most serious of all issues ever to face the human race is now the biggest question of our time. Certainly it is hard to understand how the current cadre of "leaders" (and their handlers) has the collective intelligence to maneuver the entire human race through the chaos that is inevitable from the collapse of the current financial system.

As our fiat currency system inflates itself to oblivion in the few short years ahead, we are coincidentally whipped in to frenzy over those pesky foreigners who don't worship our God, speak our language or even look like us! Clearly, our corporate leaders have decided that this type of distraction is required in order for them to be able to quietly construct a new global monetary system from the ashes of the US dollar.

The parallel between the hubris, arrogance and aggressiveness of the anti-gold cartel and the pro-Clash of Civilizations cadre is astounding. Of course they are scions of the same household, motivated by the same outcomes. One agenda dumbs down the fact that gold is the ultimate store of value for the global population, and has branded it as a barbaric relic of a past era. The other agenda uses the same style of rhetoric and invective but targets Muslims, Axis of Evil members and anyone willing to stand up and voice an opposing opinion to an unending War on Terrorism.

It appears as if the PR and media weapons that wage war against detractors of the new, big agenda are so well honed at this point that being a contrarian on either of the issues of gold or the war on terrorism feels like being the best friend of Judas Iscariot the morning after the Last Supper. Try bringing up gold as a legitimate investment to a group of friends, or try questioning some of the governments actions around 9/11 and thereafter. Man, it's like being a leper at a country club!

So to conclude this little diatribe, this insane little vignette; I am now of the opinion that our society has been lobotomized. The collective subconscious has been fried very gradually over the past 50 years by an average of 4 hours of TV per day per person. This amount of radiation exposure in front of a cathode ray tube has stripped the typical brain of its cognitive powers and rendered the average citizen a Borg-like automaton of the elite - society has been assimilated! In circumstances like these trying to get friends, relatives and acquaintances to invest in gold, or question the conventional wisdom regarding eco-terrorism, is about as easy as Captain Picard using a shuttlecraft to destroy a Borg battleship.

Resistance is futile! Join the collective, be in Perfect Denial, indulge in the National Psychosis and just enjoy the fireworks, after all they are free!!

Richard Lancaster
7 June 2002

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Richard Lancaster is a freelance consultant, writer and high-tech start-up entrepreneur - most recently he became an affiliate of www.depression2.tv. His career spans 3 continents and several industries over the past 20 years. In the last 12 years, since arriving in the United States from England, he has been the Director of Marketing at Nextel, an Internet CEO for 6 years, and a lecturer, columnist and advisor within the technology culture of the Greater Seattle region.


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