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Did McVeigh really die?

On 2001-06-11 Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection. Or at least that's what we are told. But did he actually die? The possibility has been raised that the execution was faked so as to make it appear that the "sole perpetrator" of the bombing was caught, tried, found guilty and executed end of story.
But might McVeigh have agreed to go quietly to his "execution" (which he officially requested in December 2000) provided he was assured that he would not actually die, but just be presented in the media as having died, later to be given a new identity in some South American country, thereby allowing the U.S. government to insist that the case is closed and nothing more is to be learnt?

At least one eyewitness of the "execution" (Susan Carlson, reporter for WLS-AM Radio, Chicago) claims that McVeigh was still breathing when he was declared dead. A judge's order to have the execution video taped was overruled by another judge. And McVeigh's body was supposedly cremated soon after the alleged execution, so can't be exhumed.

For more details regarding this possibility see Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-Up.

This is just silly 09.Jun.2002 23:40

pdx youth

This is just silly. That's the strangest, most useless, and convoluted conspiracy. Some people need to get a life.

conspiracy? 10.Jun.2002 08:15


conspiracy is just another word for denial or fear of truth. maybe this story is bunkum, but i put nothing past my government.