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Administration Sued in Anthrax Case

A conservative group is suing the Bush administration for access to documents surrounding last fall's anthrax attacks, asserting that top officials may have known that the bioterrorist attack was coming.
originel link :  http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020607/ap_on_go_pr_wh/anthrax_lawsuit_1


Administration Sued in Anthrax Case
Fri Jun 7, 7:01 PM ET
By LAURA MECKLER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A conservative group is suing the Bush administration for access to documents surrounding last fall's anthrax attacks, asserting that top officials may have known that the bioterrorist attack was coming.

Judicial Watch said Friday it has yet to receive documents from several agencies after filing requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The group argues the documents will show who knew what, and when.

Judicial Watch, which also has sued for documents about Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites)'s energy task force, represents U.S. postal workers at the Brentwood mail-handling facility in Washington. Two workers from Brentwood died of inhalation anthrax before officials shut down the facility, which had handled anthrax-laden letters headed to Capitol Hill.

Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, noted administration officials said last fall that some White House staff had begun taking the antibiotic Cipro on Sept. 11, weeks before the anthrax attacks were made public.

"We believe that the White House knew or had reason to know that an anthrax attack was imminent or under way," Klayman said. "We want to know what the government knew, and when they knew it."

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe denied it categorically. "We did not know about the anthrax attacks. Period!" he said.

Johndroe said he didn't know with certainty why staffers were given Cipro but guessed it was "a precautionary measure in the early hours of Sept. 11 before the situation could be fully assessed."

He said he has not seen the lawsuit and had no comment on whether the administration would release the documents.

Judicial Watch is suing the U.S. Postal Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (news - web sites), the FBI (news - web sites), the Department of Health and Human Services (news - web sites) and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Federal agencies have come under fire for failing to realize that the postal workers at Brentwood were at risk for anthrax even after an anthrax letter was discovered on Capitol Hill and treatment had begun for Senate staffers. Health officials have said they did not realize then that anthrax could have escaped a sealed envelope.

Klayman said the mistake goes beyond a bad judgment call.

"They deliberately withheld information," he said. "The political elite, they'll be protected from day one. The ordinary folks will be treated in a lesser fashion."

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Rightwing Ploy? 09.Jun.2002 09:21

android9 android9@hotmail.com

Call me partisan, but I don't like the idea of "conservatives" being able to demand copies of FBI, etc. records, even when they might have a "case".

I think they are not at all unhappy about Democrats getting anthrax...indeed, it was most likely their own militants who committed the heinous act!

As with other cases like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Tim McVeigh, etc, the reactionaries just want to know how much the FBI knows about their underground rightwing covert operations, names of informers against them, etc, so they can conduct effective countermeasures to protect their counter-revolutionary acts of terror.

All rightwing reactionary conservatives and Republicans should be arrested! Their "anti-government" jihad does not warrant our support or sympathy. They are our enemies, and have not afforded us solidarity around MOVE, Judi Bari, etc.

"Freedom" and "Rights" should not pertain to those who's sole interest is to rob the rest of us of all rights and freedoms.

The gang is going to pay 09.Jun.2002 12:55

max.de.talent max.de.talent@caramail.com

First of all, go and sign the petition on
After Bush and the whole gang will have to pay for the 911. But Guantanamo will not be big enough for them, if you put the carlyle group, the petroleum gang, the genius of the Cia who created al quaida 20 years ago, the money lauderer, the drug councellor in NVW, in columbia, .... and how many generals ? how many senators ?
In fact, it could be possible to put a corrupted politician with the talibans in each cell of guantanamo. ..
with a web cam so everyone can see them live.
A new "loft story" !

One more "coincidence" 10.Jun.2002 04:36


Ok so let's update the list with what is, according to statists, another coincidence, "it's all the work of a rogue scientist, the government is not involved" ..etc.

List, AFAIK:
* this "rogue" scientists sure seems to have the same agenda as Dumbya, since he sent the letters on sep11 (right after the attacks).
* especially, he sent 2 letters to democrats leaders, just as they were protesting the PATRIOT act, and stopped when PATRIOT was enacted.
* [NEW ITEM] the white house staff started taking Cipro on 11 sep. Not antibiotics against dengue or ebola or you name it, any virus more likely to be used by "terorists", but against Anthrax. That's which.
* Dick "halliburton scum" Cheney has vested financial interests in Bayer, IIRC, which is the company manufacturing (and selling for big bucks) Cipro.
* Scientsits the world over who could have tracked dowm more precisely the Anthrax origin mysteriously died in september and october. Now now, this "rogue" scientist sure is a powerful guy with powerful friends present in all countries.
* the FBI investigation coincidentally stopped when it followed the trail up to Fort Dietrick, Virginia.

Those are Anthrax related "coincidences" only, there are tons more for 911 itself of course.

If I lived in north america I think I'd buy myself a rifle and tons of ammunition, bracing for the winter and the upcoming natural gas outages... and 2 years ago I used to turst governments and call gun owners "gun nuts". Ouch.