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Astoria Peace Vigil

Weekly gathering protesting nuclear weapons and endless undeclared war
Astoria Peace Vigil
Astoria Peace Vigil
About 15 people showed up, with several others stopping by. Age range of participants was 5 to 70. Among the signs displayed:"We Are All the Same--Thou Shalt Not Kill", "Why Not Peace?","One World, One Chance". As usual, most of the people driving by on the busy road were enthusiastically supportive. Two white men in their 60's to 70's took issue with our presence, however. In separate incidents, each got out of his car and walked over to speak at us. Both may have been inebriated. The first said,"I'm a veteran of WW2, and I wouldn't spit on you". For that we thanked him. He walked away. The other man was quite agitated, got very close to us, and yelled that his daughter was in the Army in Afghanistan, that he was very proud of her, and that we were jeopardizing her safety with our messages. He delivered his objections in rather colorful language with a lot of body gesturing. We wished him and his family well, hoped for his daughter's safe return, and he yelled curses at us and said he was afraid. We asked him to elaborate. He would not. We assured him we were concerned, wished him a peaceful day, and suggested that he respect the presence of children and stop cursing, which he did momentarily. He even reached down and petted a little girl's head. He started cursing again, so we turned our backs on him, and he huffed back to his truck and sped away. This was fear talking. We'll be back to witness again next week. Maybe he'll join us sometime-unlikely, but you just never know.

The Administration hopes to control us by instilling fear and encouraging isolation. We must turn off the television, get out of the car, keep talking to each other, and remember that nonviolent resistance is a force more powerful than any other.
Peace 2 U All 25.May.2004 00:24

Always Wanted Peace

Your SO Right. Don't let them scare you no matter what! Speak Truth to Power , speaking the Truth and showing them up 4 what they Truly are!! Respectly that is. They HIDE behind their lies. The enemies I have - if I turned my back on them they might hurt me, so I do it in a different way. But I do turn my back and Don't look back a lot at times. That way they know they are NOT getting to me. We are all Human Beings that Deserve 2 Live Their Own LIFE and NO ONE has the Right to Interfere with that and they Know it. Right will always win, no matter what even if you have some losses - Right will turn around and Win and thats what its all about! For example even with the KKK that started up in the early 20's they thought they would win and control every black Person in the South. Jim Daley had other plans and he could sit no longer on this issue(he had other things to do to) and he marched in a March to start to end racial discrimation!! He had a Family too, which made it dangerous for them too.
You Folks are doing the Most Best thing - witnessing for Peace!
Thats what I'v Always Believed in...Keep Up the Good Work...
www.killercoke.org Murder - Its the Real thing - Unthinkable Undrinkable
www.tibet.org (Boycott "Made In China" products)
www.peta.org Help our furry companions lead a Happy, Normal LIFE

Peace 2 All 25.May.2004 00:55

Peace 2u

I have always was peace my entire Life. I was wondering as I grew older why people were hurting each other. Because in my neck of the woods you just didn't hurt each other. You had neighborhood discussions, but nothing too great. Then I learned of my own father and that was the end of my bubble. He was bad but being very young, I didn't know how bad. But I had a very happy childhood mostly. It was really good. I alway wished others would be more happier, more understanding and kinder. But as the years went by I noticed t.v. - got more and more graphic till its hard to even hard to go to the movies anymore. I am getting disillusioned with so much media lieing and all the Unreal violence broadcast on it. Well, I'm proud to say I haven't looked at t.v. for almost 2 yrs. and I don't plan to - the way they advertised Survivor on the front of a magazine in London Drugs in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on Yates St. - downtown - they said look at Survivor and see all the deception, lies and backstabbing - OH MY GOD, that SURE will NOT get me to look at it. I want to look at it to see how they SURVIVE NOT all the gross behavior they can exhibit!!!
I am welled up with so much Warmth about you Folks getting out there for Peace that I feel VERY Good. Thank YOU Very Much,
www.killercoke.org MURDER Its the Real Thing
www.tibet.org PLEASE Help SAVE Tanzin - a Tibetan whose only Crime was to try to save his People from being tortured, jailed and murdered by the Chinese Regime and also the Chinese gov. forces them to be in Labour Camps to make goods that are Not "Made In China", but are made in Tibet - the Tibetans Homeland!!!

I'm Peace 2 U and Peace 2 U 25.May.2004 01:15

Me again

I apologize for getting Jim's name wrong. It is Jim Draper, not Jim Daley. Also I mentioned I find it hard to go to the movies anymore. I go to a lot of movies, I'm afraid. Well, I used to anyway till me and my friend was financially unable to go very much. So we got to the ones that I really wanted to see in 2003. But in 2003 I really thought - Oh NO, thats what I PAID To see and just didn't want to go very much anymore. If they start improving I may go to them a bit more often now. But seeing that there are too many issues to contend with I think I am going to devote myself to Helping others see what the "big" corp's. are doing to Real People.
I was stunned that downtown on a bus stop billboard thing that there was a big ad for Dasani and I thought I WISH I had a poster to put on there!! It kept saying how """good""" it was??? You know, its made by the coke company, as in www.killercoke.org - so as soon as I can order one I'll put it right on the ad or write on a piece of paper what the company does and put it on there, for starters! SMILE, you Know, ha ha. When I bought my 1st Dasani I looked around on the bottle and noticed that the owners put salt in it??!! No way, I bought it again - they just want to make you thirsty. Well, thank you again. Why I posted twice was because I didn't think my post was being posted.