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green anarchy tour 2002

get invovled with the tour post print and send attachments to list serves or anyone interested
green anarchy tour 2002
by tour collective 4:38pm Thu May 30 '02

get involved with the tour post print and send as an attachment to lists or anyone interested


"GA" Pimps IMC 08.Jun.2002 23:57

android9 android9@hotmail.com (subject:agitprop)

Their advertisement is a flagrant violation of imc policy against reposts to keep the same "story" on the front page.

The line about "see Eugene imc for more info" about "GA" also
blatantly flaunts the truely bogus nature of the Eugene "imc" site, which is nothing but a GA web page, fronting as imc, in direct violation of the fundamental imc principle that no single sectarian group is supposed to dominate an imc.

"Features" on that site are also just advertisements for selling "GA" and other products of their all too prolific primitivist chaoticist propaganda machine. Their truncated, selective "wire" is a joke.

There's more actual news from Eugene on the Portland site than there is on the Eugene site!

The Eugene "imc" is bogus, and should be shut down.

People should make it a point to engage these fools in public discussion and debate during their road tour, to refute their idiotic primitivist chaoticism, anti-democratic rhetoric, and COINTELPRO inspired provocations.

thoughts on the tour 10.Jun.2002 09:17

N. Makhno

1-it seems that the previous poster is soemone involved in indymedia and has a personal grudge against GA or eugene imc.your posts end up sounding like personal attacks more than any menaingful political objection.
If you want to critique GA (the tabloid) you can start with:
a)no original thoughts: the collective ends up ripping off John Zerzan most of the time in any article written about civilization. Just read the back of one of the last issues for the "Civilization is War" rant. The rest of the articles that are actually penned from someone in the collective is a rip off of 1960's era anthropoligists.
b)they publish direct action reports on Maoists AND white wash the fact that they are Maoist. A recent issue had a statement written by Maoists in Asia that bombed a Coke factory. No where in this report did it say anything about the guerillas being maoists.
c)They support centralized, authoritarian groups like the Red Army Faction and the Symbionese Liberation Army. Just check out the latest prisoner section for their pleas of support for these disgusting groups.
d) the magazine is boring and speaks to a tiny audience of former enviromentalists who cant find a niche for themselves, punks, and other groups who are having absolutley no impact on the state of society in anyway.

Theres more but why waste anymore time on this topic.
PS-the tour will most likely be a big bore with a bunch of punk bands playing and the GA Collective preaching to people that already agree with them or ruthlessly insulting anyone that is a "red" anarchist, workerist, syndacalist, class war anarchist,enviro....

Whoa! 10.Jun.2002 20:23

fuck off!

punk rock = music that stands against government corruption, the corporate/government state, classism, statism, capitalism, etc... with the term anarchy thrown in occassionally.

punks = people who love punk rock love the lifestyle. there just happens to be mislead people in any movement or scene.

punk rock does not = the fake anarchist ideals of "total chaos" and destruction!! thats a fucking stereotype! its music with all kinds of different beliefs involved, just like any music genre.

its a shame that so many people in this world revolution seem to spend more time fucking about criticizing others for their ideas and thoughts. the first step is not to bicker about which political/social philosophy is going to best serve the people of this world. the first step is to get rid of the current political/social philosophy that has raised hell, killed millions, and oppressed millions while rapidly getting worse. jesus christ!!

you should thank punks for managing to hold on to what little rebellion their is in music and lifestyles. atleast after 25 years the attitude is still the same and the passion for a better world is still expressed through a subculture of music and lifestyle. shit, the hippies protesting the vietnam war now drive bmw's, have stock portfolios, believe whole heartedly in capitalism, spend no time with there children, constantly watch tv, still listen to the beatles, and would smack me if i told them their presious bush is a dictator!!