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9.11 investigation

9.11 LIES march and rally in Eugene biggest one yet

For the fourth consecutive Friday, students and community members in Eugene took to the streets to demand investigation into 9.11 and to expose the lies being told by the government and corporate media. This Friday's was the biggest action yet, with twenty people altogether participating.

For the fourth consecutive Friday, students and community members in Eugene took to the streets to demand investigation into 9.11 and to expose the lies being told by the government and corporate media. This Friday's was the biggest action yet, with twenty people altogether participating.

People gathered at the EMU building on the UO campus with a proliferation of signs.

One of the students brought a bullhorn which anyone could use. I stood up and read a letter that I had delivered to the offices of Senator Smith, Senator Wyden, and Representative DeFazio on my birthday, the day before. The letter accompanied a petition, on which a friend and I had collected 108 signatures. The petition said: "We, the undersigned residents of the State of Oregon, hereby request that you, our elected officials, participate in a full, thorough, and public investigation of the Bush Administration and the U.S. Government's intelligence agencies surrounding the events of September 11, 2001."

The cover letter said, in part: "Though an investigation into September 11 has begun in Congress, its scope is smaller than that requested by this petition, which also seeks to investigate the Bush administration, not only the intelligence agencies. Also, this petition requests a 'public' investigation, and most of the current investigation is set to take place behind closed doors at this time." The letter also mentioned these regular protests around the issue that had been happening here in Eugene, and closed with, "This is not an issue of 'Democrats vs. Republicans' or 'Right vs. Left'. This is an issue of Truth. It is my sincere hope that you will honor the wishes of those who signed this petition, and of those who have been taking to the streets, and that you will participate in full, thorough, and public investigations into September 11. Show me that the system works, and that it can uncover its own errors and abuses."

I then added, over the bullhorn, that I am doubtful if the system will actually uncover it's own abuses, and that it is not reform, but rEvolution that will be necessary.

As we marched, students delivered speeches through the bullhorn. Talk about making a joyful noise! The rhetoric was filled with rage, and drove home the importance of finding out the truth. We attracted a lot of attention and handed out a bunch of flyers to people. Like last week, reception was mostly positive. "Fuck yeah!" one spiky-haired punk shouted.

Down 13th Street.

We took a detour through the Eugene transit center and handed out more flyers.

Through downtown.

At the Federal Building.

This was my favorite sign: "Americans DIED. Government LIED. Bush better HIDE".

Most of the crowd was students, so it's uncertain how big future 9.11 LIES actions in Eugene will be, since most of them are leaving town next week. Response to this issue from the activist community in Eugene has not been very big yet.


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[Signature campaign updates: 9.11 signature campaign already a success | Your Voice is Important! ]

Downloadable materials:
Flyers for Public Distribution (informational; not specific to any time or place)
Petition to Oregon Congresspeople, demanding a 9.11 investigation
handbills of WTC families: 'seething, angry' to show that victims' families want an investigation

How I Support the Troops 04.Apr.2003 10:39

Janice Leber choppedliver@hotmail.com

"I joined the Army for college money, and all I got was this lousy body bag."

They had a funeral for Brandon Tobler yesterday. Oregon's first casualty in World War III will be laid to rest in Willamette National Cemetery.

The Oregonian ran photos from Brandon's life. There he was, an adorable toddler, a precocious boy, an adolescent bristling with hope and possibility, a handsome, smiling young man, and at the last, a soldier ... with dead eyes. Something in his military training had erased the vibrant personality from his face. He obviously took the training to heart and believed in what he was doing. I have no such faith, but I also am not a zombie licensed to kill.

I was at a military funeral just a year ago. One of my mother's fondest points of pride was her service in the U.S. Marine Corps. My dad made sure she had a funeral with all the honors due a wartime vet. Seven riflemen fired three rounds for a 21-gun salute. The Marine leading the ceremony carefully tucked one shell from each round into the tri-cornered flag, knelt before my father, and whispered thanks and sympathy on behalf of a grateful nation. My proud Marine dad got teary-eyed, but this daughter beside him shed enough tears to wash us all away.

My mother survived WW2, long enough to have three kids and eight grandchildren, long enough to drive at least one of her kids crazy - but we mourned her loss with great sadness and felt she was gone too soon. And I can just imagine how Brandon Tobler's family must feel, with all that unfulfilled hope and promise obliterated by an unjust and hopeless war.

How can taking a stand against this war be anything but support for our troops?

I doubt Brandon's family will see it that way, at least not at this point. Their grief must be overwhelming. But as our commitment to Iraq stretches into years, not months, into decades and beyond, as future administrations struggle to clean up the giant turd GWB has squeezed out over the globe, as more families bury their dreams and hopes for the future, public opinion is bound to coalesce over the futility of this war effort.

Being able to say "I told you so" is cold comfort. In fact, it's no comfort at all.

Peace be unto us all.