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Know Your Enemy

Observations on the tactical strengths and weaknesses of Bush and friends.

THE BLITZKRIEG (a.k.a. "time's up!")
Historically, this time honored high-pressure sales tactic has been very successful for the Bush clan. The basic idea is this:
1) Manufacture a crisis that forces people to act without thinking because of limited time.
2) Pound your answer to this crisis into their heads, keeping up the pressure until they finally see things your way.

This tactic was used to brilliant effect during the 2000 presidential election. "The president must be confirmed and inaugurated at such-and-such a time!" the press screamed. "Our national stability is at stake! Gore needs to be a man and concede for the sake of our country!" Since when do we subjugate democracy to fit a schedule?

Then of course, we were served the Patriot Act, the war in Afghanistan, and now the Homeland Security "Department" in the exact same manner. Next course: the Invasion of Iraq.

What bothers me is that these see-thru tactics appear to have worked on the American people. When will they realize there is no worse crisis than the one they have been embroiled in for months?

Oh, is there a terrorist who's going to blow me up? Fine. My life has been in the shitter for nearly a year now. I'd rather go out with a bang than continue to slowly suffocate on poverty, despair, and the threat of fascism. Bring it on.

The idea here is to corner the market on some product and then create a demand for it. Enron exploited this trick to the hilt during the California energy crisis. Some Bush family favorites: oil, vaccine, arms, and drugs. If you're an oil man, what greater gift than for people to stop flying? How about some smack for your pain and despair, scumbag? Daisy-cutters, anyone?

KEEPING 'EM IN THE DARK (a.k.a. "cutting off communications")
Is it any revelation that this has been progressing systematically for months? First, Carnivore is set quietly into place, filtering our e-mail automatically so we can't express any dangerous thoughts through our mailing list. I don't know about you, but I've definitely had problems sending and receiving e-mail since 9-11.

Then there are the anthrax attacks. How convenient for the Bush administration that we can no longer send mail to Congress or the Press without a very long wait subject to "filtering."

Speaking of long waits and "filtering" let's talk about the airlines for a minute, shall we? Now American travelers can look forward to being detained at the airport if their name is on some list and there's a protest in the city they're going to. How far do you think these powers extend? Now we have government screeners and air marshals controlling our every move by air. Watch out for these powers invading land, sea and rail travel.

Yep. I've got to hand it to the Bush team - those guys sure had a good plan for cutting us off from each other. I don't think they anticipated the Internet, though. I do believe this little miscalculation will ultimately be their undoing.


I'm not an economist, but I know blood when I smell it. The empire is bleeding like a stuck pig. Observe the situation in Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia ... now ask yourself if the IMF isn't sweating bullets right now.

The "Co-opt" is one of the most powerful weapons the Establishment has for keeping us in line. You know what I mean - the "Disneyfication" of popular culture, the "Respectable Left" squashing any truly radical dissent. I call this the "catching flies with a drop of honey instead of a gallon of gall" trick.

George W. and his clan have no clear grasp of how to put this idea to work. They are the iron fist without the velvet glove. Their clumsiness in this regard has made them tons of enemies in low places.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was a master of the Co-opt. I dare say that if Clinton were still president I'd be sipping down a Starbucks at a 60K-a-year job, shaking my head at the newspaper and saying to myself, "Things will come around. Just give it time."

Fortunately for my soul, my life is in shambles. I have no home, no job, and no plan. Janis Joplin once said, "Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose." In this sense, George W. has been the great Emancipator for thousands of Americans like myself.

Who am I? You might ask. I'm a highly intelligent person whose conscience outweighs her ambition. I and others like me are the biggest threat the Bush Cabal will ever know. This is because a small, determined group of people can change the world, and we are growing day by day, hour by hour.

Final Score: People 1, Bush 0.

I'm with you sister 08.Jun.2002 10:15

nothing left to lose

I'm with you. I lost everything in the economic collapse. I used to work for Hewlett Packard. My job was sent over seas because of the likes of Clinton, Wyden and Smith.

I lost my house and everything I own. My kids were sent to live with relatives and I became homeless. But, like you I see that because I have nothing to take away...nothing to lose...I can stand up against the fascist takeover of the US and world.

here some other words from a song...long ago and far away.

Love is but a song we sing,
and Fear is the way we die...

I may be invisible...but I am full of the power to change the world for the better. I am not steeped in the illusion of things. My priorities are for Peace, Justice and the good of all the earth.

I'm with you sister!

me too 08.Jun.2002 11:51

united we stand tduncan@pacifier.com

Yes, thank you. I still have a job because I have my own business. The noose is tightening by the hour, and we need to keep resisting and talking and not slide into the apathy and hopelessness and fear the Administration is counting on to squelch dissent. Nonviolent resistance everywhere is essential now, before we lose the opportunity altogether.

truth is hard for most to swallow 08.Jun.2002 14:39

truth girl

i see, since i go out on the street and protest, that people are starting to rouse, but what i also see is that people are scared. truth is not easy for MOST people. john trudell cautions us to never lie to ourselves, yet many of us do not live a clean honest life if we are engaged in ANYTHING that goes against the grain of our soul.

i was driving up to Washington a few months ago and took note of all of the motorists with flags and other american propoganda adhered to their vehicle. and what struck me was that their flags seemed to be something that they were using almost as a protection, hiding behind them. LIke if they had a flag, they were instantly cloaked or not a target. how many people with these flags may be hiding behind them as protection from the u.s. government? because if you're not sporting the "right" colors, you just may be with "them". which makes you (us) terrorists.

i think that people are too scared to do anything. they see the power that the government has, and are afraid to act. but i agree with what has already been said, i'd rather go out knowing that i was living a life of truth rather than cowering in fear and giving that much more power to the system.

count me in

Count me in too 08.Jun.2002 15:17


See you there. Peace, friendship and courage to you raising your heads and speaking your heart.

The risks are grave 08.Jun.2002 16:22


But the only difference between full on facism and our society is our willingness to resist. Resistence will become harder the longer we wait.

Take small actions if large ones seem to frightening, but sustain your actions over time and allow a sense of bravery to grow. Do not fear starting right here and right now.

One out of four Americans believe that Bush had enough information to stop 9/11. The vast majority of Americans believe this system is inherently unfair. A hundred thousand recently protested the world bank and IMF meetings. There was no mass tear gassing. There was not the same brutality of previous protests because they are frightened of making us angry again. They are scared of us. More frightened than we could possibly know.

Remember that they would not be trying so hard to establish a police state if we were not a real threat to their system.

Resist. Organize. Overcome your fears.

Thanks for the inspiration! 08.Jun.2002 17:39


I just want to say that I'm feeling inspired just reading what all of you have to say. It's hard to stay in a positive mind frame knowing about all that's going on. It's people like you, who understand what's going on, and who are willing to non-violently fight for democracy, that help me to stay sane.

Let's all keep inspiring one-another!

take it serious 12.Jun.2002 09:37


besides that your comments are raising lot of hope, don't forget that the internet is some kind of "frontier", that will be eventually colonialized thoroughly, and all those anti-porn filtering chips can render it impossible to spread your opinions if it comes to dissent issues. without protection, all contacts can be tracked down.
don't give in !
keep pace with technologies, and use your phantasy and creative knowledge to keep information flow up.
when the lines are broken, train your doves ;-)