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Universal Health care in Oregon Petition

Over 450,000 Oregonians are without health insurance. The present system is not working. I will be at the Division Street "Natures" store today and tommorrow (Saturday 6-8 and Sunday 6-9 11AM to 2:00 PM) to collect signatures for this ballot initiative petition... The ballot inititative would create universal healthcare for all Oregonians. The coverage would include alternative care practioners as well as others. You will be able to choose your own doctor or way of healing.
Please come to the "Natures" store and sign this ballot initiative petition. We are almost there. We need several thousand more signatures. The HEALTH CARE FOR ALL OREGON ballot initiative would provide a comprehensive plan providing payment for medically necessary health services. If you already have insurance through your work you would be exempt from the plan.

Key Concepts:

Universality: All residents of the state of Oregon are eligible to participate

Security: Health care that cannot be taken away from you or your family if you change jobs, retire, or have a pre-existing condition.

Choice: Quality- Residents can choose care from any state licensed, certified, or registered traditional or alternative health care practitioner. Preventative care is a priority.

Affordability: Savinngs in administrative costs and the elimination of deductibles and copayments make this plan both affordable and a good value to bothe individuals and businesses.


Includes a full range of preventative, inpatient, outpatient, mental health, dental, vision, prescription medications, and long-term care services.

No exclusion for pre-existing conditions.


Health care practitioners will remain freee and independent agents in the private sector.

homepage: homepage: http://www.healthcareforalloregon.org

Support from the south 08.Jun.2002 11:33


Just came from a meeting here in Ashland of our local Health Care For All--Oregon signature gatherers and this is one enthusiastic group!!! Plans are being made for the final stretch of signature gathering and for walking in the Fourth of July parade. Thousands flock to Ashland for the parade and it will be good exposure for this important campaign!