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Democrats.com petition demands BUSH BE IMPEACHED FOR COMPLICITY IN 9-11!
As you've probably noticed many in Congress are whitewashing this. Saying
"we don't want to hold anyone accountable, we just want to fix the problem." This absolute abdication of responsibility cannot stand! IT'S TIME TO TURN UP THE HEAT !!!

You have to see this to believe it! THE EVIDENCE IS OVERWHELMING THAT BUSH KNEW !!! Please sign it, and spread it wide, far, and fast as you can. Post it at michaelmoore.com, indymedia.org, etc. etc. SPREAD THE WORD!!


homepage: homepage: http://democrats.com/elandslide/petition.cfm?campaign=911

Clinton also knew 08.Jun.2002 15:29


Don't forget that Cinton knew a lot. The proof is there.Remove the beams from your own eyes, and let them that have ears, hear.