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Latest Info on Judi Bari Trial

Still no verdict in the Judi Bari vs. FBI trial after 3 weeks of deliberations by the jury. They asked for a "split verdict" form today.
Jury Requests New Split Verdict Form

Friday, June 7, 3:45 PM - At about 11 AM today the jury requested the new split verdict form that was offered to them last Tuesday. The lawyers were in court arguing for other changes in the revised form, and it was not given to the jury until just minutes before their 2 PM quitting time.

The jury announced their schedule for next week, 8:30 AM to 2 PM daily, then left for the weekend. They have deliberated 15 days, and will begin their fourth week of deliberations on Monday.

The revised verdict form adds a third choice, "undecided," to the "yes" and "no" choices on the original form. A unanimous vote of the 8-woman, 2-man jury is required for a yes or no vote. For each of the seven defendants, the jurors are asked to make separate decisions on the claims of 4th Amendment violations of false arrest and unlawful search (two searches for Judi Bari; one for Darryl Cherney), 1st Amendment violation, and conspiracy to violate the 1st Amendment. They must decide each claim separately for each of the two plaintiffs. Further complexity is added by the judge's requirement that the jury apportion damages to each of the defendants, that is, assign them a percentage share of the total damages for each claim for which they are found liable.

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