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9.11 investigation

PPRC Friday Rally Condemns Bush's Diversions

PPRC rally - 5:00 today (and every Friday), Pioneer Courthouse Sq. - be there!

For Immediate Release
Event: PPRC Friday Rally
Date: Friday, June 7, 2002
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Place: Pioneer Courthouse Square

Will Seaman
(503) 888-7455
(503) 235-4986

Portland Peace Group Condemns Bush Diversions

The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, June 7, at
5:00 p.m., will respond to George W. Bush's announcement of a new agency
intended to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. "It is no coincidence
that Bush's nationwide address was timed to take place just as Congress is
opening hearings into the intelligence failures of the FBI and CIA," said
Emily Trinkaus, a local media activist. "Although we have little faith in
these Congressional hearings, it is clear from Bush's resistance to any
investigation, and from these attempts to divert attention from them, that
he has much to hide." Among Portland's peace activists there is a range of
opinion over whether the U.S. intelligence failures were due to
incompetence, a low priority on security against 9-11 types of attacks, or a
deeper complicity of U.S. agencies with those who carried out the attacks.

"One fact that is clear," said Will Seaman of the PPRC, "is that nearly nine
months after the 9-11 attacks, we still have virtually no concrete evidence
regarding the identity of the planners of the attacks." "It is easy to
forget that the identities of the hijackers first given out by the FBI were
mistaken and appears to have reflected a rather sophisticated effort to
mislead the investigation." In a recently released speech, FBI director
Robert Mueller conceded that his agency has failed to discover anything
significant that would shed light on the planning of the 9-11 attacks. "In
our investigation, we have not uncovered single piece of paper - either here
in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned
up in Afghanistan and elsewhere - that mentioned any aspect of the September
11 plot," said Mueller ("New Blow for September 11 Inquiry", Matthew Engel,
Guardian (UK), May 1, 2002).

More troubling to peace activists is the way the attacks have been used both
to step up U.S. aggression abroad and the crack down on Constitutional
rights within the United States. "The Bush administration has taken to
labeling as a "terrorist state" just about every nation that doesn't toe the
U.S. line," said Elizabeth Atly of the PPRC. "Bush has cynically used this
crisis to pursue a violent and lawless foreign policy agenda, including
plans for all-out war against Iraq, increased involvement in
counterinsurgency in the Philippines, escalating the bloody conflict in
Colombia and extending the embargo against Cuba." The PPRC opposes these
hostile shifts in U.S. policy.

"We are also outraged by the moves to further expand the racial profiling of
people of Middle East heritage, and the increase in the domestic spying
powers of the FBI," said David Zundel of the PPRC. "It is clear that the
failures of the FBI and CIA were not due to insufficient information, or
that they were thwarted in doing their job by laws protecting our
Constitutional rights, but rather it was their inability, or unwillingness,
to properly use the information they already had and to cooperate

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Thanks for the well-written summary 07.Jun.2002 14:58

small-town actvist

Hope the rally is successful today and thanks for all your efforts. Your group is an inspiration for others!

great piece, but ... 07.Jun.2002 15:21

portland indy editor

next time post it sooner so it can be a center column feature !!

Good Luck, keep up good work 07.Jun.2002 15:55

Benny Fitz tomandbernie@aol.com

Keep up the good work and along the same line there will be an international press conference in Washington, D.C. William Ruppert will be guest speaker by satellite from Canada. Cspan may broadcast this if they get enough requests to do so. See Ruppert's web sit - copvcia.com for more details or From The Wilderness. This news conference will be held on June 10th.