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9.11 investigation

Rally in Eugene: 9-11 LIES - Demand the Truth !!

4:30 - EMU Building. March to Fed Bldg. Bring signs and your RAGE.
There will be a march and rally tonight, starting at the EMU building on campus at 4:30 p.m., and going to the Federal Building. The theme: "9-11 LIES: Demand the Truth". Last week's action was very successful. We handed out almost 200 flyers and had very positive reception from folks on the street and drivers. A lot of people care about this issue, and this was a great way to let them know they are not alone! Congress is investigating, but the scope is limited, and most of it will be behind closed doors. This ain't right. We have a right to know! Come out tonight and demand a thorough, open, public investigation into 9-11 !!

For an account of last week's rally, with photos, goto:

To download informational flyers to hand out or post places, goto:
These flyers point people toward resouces for finding out more about 9-11 investigatins, and are not city or date-specific. Use 'em anywhere, anytime.
photo from last week's rally 07.Jun.2002 12:10

photo rebel boy