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Resist Genetically Engineered Food Today!

Tomorrow is a National Day of Action against genetically engineered foods. I'd like to ask you for your support.
Resist Genetically Engineered Food Today!
Resist Genetically Engineered Food Today!
With all the activity going on in the world today, it may be difficult to decide what to spend your time supporting. I am writing to ask you for three hours of support on Saturday June 8th. We'll be rising up once again to say no to genetically engineered food.

As you are likely already aware of, this country is growing and eating more genetically engineered food than all other countries in the world combined. We are the ones driving this industry forward and, in spite of the wishes of the mad scientist who are pushing these Franken-foods, we CAN put a stop to it. They did it in Europe, we can do it here.

Once people began pressuring supermarkets in Europe, a few things happened. One, the general population was brought into the debate and awoke to splicing and dicing of DNA going on behind their backs. Two, grocery stores reacted to consumer pressure and agreed to pull these items off the shelves. To this day there is a moratorium on new GE products in all 15 European Union nations. Three, the legislatures reacted and passed labeling laws which they are to this day working to strengthen at the risk of a "billion dollar trade war." (see  http://www.thecampaign.org/News/june02b.htm#eu)

There is no reason to think we can't repeat the performance here in the USA. Our friends in Europe have shown us the way. Pressure the supermarkets, wake up the public, and hold the politicians accountable. This is in the process of happening.

It is enraging that when I buy a taco chip it has bacteria DNA in it but in Europe it does not. Who gave them permission to alter the blueprint of life in my back yard without ANY long term environmental or human safety testing? Certainly not the American public. Most people are not even sure of what this technology is. The permission of course came from Mr. Greed and his friend the Almighty Dollar. Welcome to yet another enlightened decade of dollarocracy.

Our job then is to REVOKE the false approval of this food. The ILLEGITAMITE regulation and sale of these bio-experiments can be stopped, and it's going to be fun doing it. To do this, we need you to take some action.

1. Come to the National Day of Action tomorrow at 1100 NE Broadway - Safeway, Lloyd Center. We'll be there from 11AM until 1PM.

2. Call Safeway corporate today and ask them how their going to fix this problem. The division president, Lyle Waterman is at 503-657-6349. I'm sure he's concerned with food safety.

3. Go to a Safeway, fill up your cart with food you might want to buy, and then ask the manager to vouch for the food as not genetically engineered. If they can't do it, don't buy it!

If each of us takes some or all of these actions tomorrow, we'll be that much closer to derailing this run away train otherwise known as the "Frankenstein Food Will Save the World" industry. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow as I'm filling up my cart.


The Broccoli-Spider
NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org
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