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Black Thorn Rummage Sale This Weekend....

The Black Thorn Collective is having a big rummage sale this weekend to benefit the newspaper. If you have items to donate(please no more winter clothes, broken electronics, underwear or single socks!), want to drop off a submission for the next issue, want a copy of the paper, want to buy some stuff or just want to hang out in the fern farm garden and enjoy the weather...........stop by 2336 N. Killingworth.
BLACK THORN 24 HOUR RUMMAGE EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Featuring fun, games, tom foolery, cool stuff, refreshments, photo booth, baked goods(bring snacks to share!), caricatures, petting zoo(bring a pet!), music, sleep deprived fools and more.

Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th at 2336 N. Killingsworth. The sale starts at 8am on Saturday and ends around dusk on Sunday(Stop in and visit us at 4am!).

address: address: PO Box 11046 Portland, OR 97211