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Media Storming Proposal

Media is the weapon of choice.
On the international wire, someone proposed storming the media.

I'm down with that. How about June 8? How fast can we mobilize? Anyone?
concrete proposals 07.Jun.2002 08:45


Jam there lines must be part of it. MSN has a wold citizen petition to india and pakistan- sign it, cause a denial of service attack by mass traffic

Same for other media polls and petitions

(It's not just the press, that's just one of their weapons, just one of our targets- its info in general- TV is fair game too (film at 11, See below).

Sunday the 9th There is a 3 hour press conference at the press club in DC over 9-11 and Mike Rupert has invited C_span but they have not replied affirmaitve.

This is the best event to bury them under. Have your nephew, younger siblings, granny Call C-span. We could actually get mainstream coverage if we CLAMOR right, long and loud enough!

C-Span Perhaps we could all meet at there place after the conference lets out?

We could get it out to Joe Six-pack and the little lady...

Then the one I pray to see. We picket the local "media" offices and studios. Be the news, like we say. But get coverage on their product. Reverse co-option of 'the edge'. Some jammer signs about media GAP, voice of the BANNANA REPUBLIC, Keep your POTTY BARN sexist programs..

Package ourselves as press releases just like the greenwashers and war capitalists and all those people who writ the copy amerikka thinks of as news.

Mass arrests in all major cities, press under seige...hah
its already been under seige and been captured...

AH yes, don't, i repeat don't do this: Don't break into the payboxes and liberate the papers. It is mere senseless violence!!!

Don't get caught on security cameras without something to say to the fight crew boys at the monitors.

Do pass out your favorite alt media as you can afford.

Do Say YESYESYES to Storm the Media

Yes to Storming 08.Jun.2002 19:54


The media needs to get a message . . . if anyone has any more good ideas, please post them.

What can we do?