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Don't miss Crossfire tonight!

Special guest will be Robert Wright, FBI whistle-blower.
I just found out from a comment on the global IMC that Robert Wright, FBI whistle-blower, will be on CNN's Crossfire tonight 7:00 ET. For more about Robert Wright, click the provided link. This promises to be one explosive show!

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Holy Sh*t! 06.Jun.2002 15:28


Please, let this type of thing keep coming. This fraudulent government of blatant misdeed and cowardly complicity (think: Democrats and armchair liberals) must be exposed for what it is. Then the headless body attacked bit by bit.

There being no guarantees, we must keep hacking at it, wherever we are and whatever limb we're dedicated to exposing and expurging.

This guy is a JOKE!! 06.Jun.2002 16:44


This "whistle-blower" hasn't blown a peep! This whole discussion was about whether or not he will profit off his "whistle-blowing". NOT ONE MENTION OF THE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST!! NOT ONE MENTION OF THE HIGHER-LEVEL BLOCKING OF THE INVESTIGATION!