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HELP!!! Ark Animal Emergency Evacuation Continues

Donations and help needed! If you can carpool with us please contact me at  nwida@aol.com or 503 293-1853. NEEDED: ROOMY VEHICLES to transport animals. CAGES to help catch the 125 cats and 30 bunnies. SENIOR DOG FOOD is needed if anyone can provide. DONATIONS: US BANK 408 Main Street Tillamook, Oregon 97141 503 842-3690 ABA Routing Number: 123000220 Account Number 153653551108 For the Benefit of Ark Animal Relief Fund (AARF)
Good morning,

I was at Ark Animal Sanctuary yesterday and was both shocked and horrified at what I saw. I had heard from all of the reports that the facility was bad, but it was beyond my imagination. Starving animals, sick animals and animals in pain encompassed me. Filth and the accompanying stench was everywhere. There were trashed vehicles all over the place filled with debris...rotting buses, trailers and cars that animals hid in and lived in. Pigs whose home was a camper shell in the ground buried in the mud. The horse barn was the most disgusting place I had ever been in...animal waste and water were at times halfway up my calves. Burros whose hoofs were so bad that they could barely walk. Pregnant cats and cats with litters were at my feet.

I tell you all of this not to upset anyone, but to let you know that the pain and suffering for these animals is almost over. But we need your help to end their suffering!

There is still lots of work to be done. Donations are greatly needed as many of these animals are sick and need veterinarian care. The majority have never been inoculated. The bank was switched from Washington Mutual to US Bank and the information is as follows should you wish to make a donation that will go directly to veterinary bills and food:

408 Main Street
Tillamook, Oregon 97141
503 842-3690
ABA Routing Number: 123000220
Account Number 153653551108
For the Benefit of Ark Animal Relief Fund (AARF)

You can go into any US Bank or mail/wire a donation.

This Friday, June 7, IDA will be carpooling from Portland to Tillamook to help the relief efforts. We will be meeting at 8:15am on the corner of SW Terwilliger and Barbur Blvd at the ABoy/US Bank parking lot. WE REALLY NEED FOLKS TO COME OUT AND HELP US REMOVE THE HUNDREDS OF ANIMALS STILL REMAINING AT THE "SANCTUARY". PLEASE JOIN US IF YOU CAN!! WE WANT TO GET THE ANIMALS AWAY FROM EDDIE WHITE AND HIS FAMILY WHO STILL RESIDE ON THE PROPERTY.

If you can carpool with us please contact me at  nwida@aol.com or 503 293-1853. We need folks with roomy vehicles to help us transport the animals. We need cages to help catch the 125 cats and 30 bunnies. Bring gloves, boots, flashlights and warm/rain clothing. Also, senior dog food is needed if anyone can provide.

Animals that we still need foster homes for:

20-25 Pygmy Goats 125 Cats (half feral) 2 Hedgehogs 30 Bunnies

The cats are in dire need as there is so many of them. Please let me know if you can take some of the cats. We do not know at this time if they have any diseases and are in the process of working out an agreement with the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon to help us spay/nueter, inoculate and check for diseases. This, however, would not happen until June 16 so the cats folks take home would need to be kept separate from other cats until that time.

It looks like the horses, burros, pigs and cattle are being placed based on the number of calls that have come in. Every person that calls wanting an animal is thoroughly checked out by activist Peggy Kirk before releasing.

Please note that until Eddie White, "owner" of Ark Animal Sanctuary, is found guilty of the charges of animal neglect against him; that folks wishing to adopt the animals can only do so at this time on a temporary basis until the court makes its final decision. This means that potentially Mr. White may be able to get the animals back. Note that IDA will fight this every step of the way and will let everyone know when the court date is so that letters and calls can be made to the Judge and newspaper to make sure that Mr. White if prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Thanks to a devoted activist in Tillamook, Peggy Kirk, who started out as a volunteer at the "sanctuary" and went to authorities after witnessing the atrocities and could not bring about positive changes for the animals. One person can truly make a difference as without Peggy's persistence and careful monitoring of this facility Eddie White and his family would still be in business today.

Thanks also to Wayne Geiger, BJ Brannen, Dana Campbell and Therese Cook who spent many hours to bring justice for the animals.

You can contact me at the IDA information below or Peggy Kirk at 503 503-842-6357 for more information.

For the many folks who have contacted me in the last 24 hours with questions and offering assistance, I thank you for your patience and will get back with you shortly.

Please let me know if you can help our animal friends.

In Peace, Laurie M. Lown
Northwest Regional Director
In Defense of Animals
6312 SW Capitol Hwy, No. 419
Portland, Oregon 97219
503 293-1853

"Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission--to be of service to them wherever they require it." Saint Francis of Assisi, 1181-1226, quoted in Life by St. Bonaventura

It is the policy of In Defense of Animals to no longer use language that accepts the current concept of animals as property, commodities and/or things. Rather than refer to ourselves or others as "owners" of animals, we now refer to ourselves and others as "guardians of our animal friends and to animals as "he" or "she" rather than "it. Guardians do not buy or sell animals; instead they rescue and adopt. We urge you, our members, to do the same.

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