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Field Checking Blitz! June 7th-9th with the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Field Checking Blitz! June 7th-9th & ongoing, with Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project in Eastern Oregon

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project is hosting a field-checking & ground-truthing training, in the Deschutes National Forest, near Bend.

Carpools will meet at CFA office (SE 16th & Clinton) at 11am Friday the 7th
Arrive on June 7, then in the Forest June 8 & 9 or stay later to help. Come prepared to hike and camp out and learn to document conditions and legal violations in the forest - bring water, food to share, a tent, sleeping bag, worn in hiking boots, rain gear, clothes for warm & cool weather
Please call 541-468-2028 for details.
Carpools will meet at CFA office (16th & Clinton) at 11am Friday the 7th.

The Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project (BMBP) has been protecting the forests of Eastern Oregon for over a decade. The strategy has been many-fold. We work to educate surrounding communities about the impact destructive Forest Service practices have on the environment, including herbicide use & cattle grazing use in our National Forests.

BMBP also works to involve volunteers by training folks to do field-checking of timber sales to gather information for writing letters of public comment, appeals, & ultimately in this filing of lawsuits.

Anyone interested in getting involved by writing comment letters, walking and scoping out timber sales, or other ways to help this highly effective group, that has stopped countless sales in the Blue Mountains using ground-truthing of sales and lawsuits, as well as through public outreach, is encouraged to call:
(541) 468-2028, or 468-2305,
or leave a message at: (541) 617-1009
or write: BMBP HCR 82, Fossil OR, 97830 .

Binoculars, camera, film, compass & measuring tapes are also helpful.

For directions or more information, call (541) 468-2028, or 468-2305.
To leave a message, call (541) 617-1009 and leave name, phone # & address.
Carpools will meet at the CFA office SE 16th and Clinton St. at 11 am Friday June 7th to carpool.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring worn-in hiking boots (light ones ok), clothes for hot, warm, cool and rainy weather (probably mostly sunny & hot), a tent if possible, a sleeping bag & pad, water bottles, hiking food, bulk food & fresh food for potluck dinners & breakfasts, sunscreen, a compass. Bring a tape measure if you have one.

If possible: a camera, film, binoculars, a video camera, plant & wildlife identification books, pens. More technical forest monitoring equipment is fine by not necessary. No experience on your part necessary.

TIMING: If you can't make it for the dates above, call us and set up another time to come out between now and the end of September. But the dates above will include fun with lots of others out here. Also don't feel you have to leave after June 9—after training you, we can give you copies of maps and send you off to do more—maybe a whole different forest/ecosystem if you like. There is an incredible diversity of forest types out here and lots of potential wildlife watching, river swimming, exploring.

DOGS: You can bring a dog if you're prepared and control it on our land (we have free-roaming chickens & cats and don't want to lose them) and to leave it tied by the vehicles while we're field-checking (we need to be able to see the wildlife, not just hear it running away.) If your dog is a problem, we'll tie it for you or ask you both to leave.

THANK YOU! In advance to those of you who have already committed to come & to those of you now committing yourselves now to help us & these forests in our time of need, when we are swamped with these huge sales of tons of sale units each and more on top of that—-more than we can handle on our own.

ACTION ALERT—Comments needed on the Merit Sale. Critical Bull trout habitat at Risk. Potential Impacts to Wolverine & Lynx. Billed as a restoration project by the Forest Service, the "Merit" sale included commercial logging of trees up to 21" in diameter on steep slopes up to 40 degrees above Bull trout s[awning and travel habitat (fluvial) ! Although the entire sale is above 5,000 feet elevation on the southern flanks of the Strawberry Mountains, the Forest Service wants to artificially convert natural mixed conifer multi-layered canopy old growth stands to single storied canopy Ponderosa pine stands with little middle or under-story stands more typical of lower elevations. They plan to remove most of the Grand fir and Lodge[ole pine and greatly open the stands, eliminating canopy closure, hiding cover, thickets and moister conditions needed by such species and Lynx, Northern Goshawk, Pileated woodpecker, Pine marten, Wolverine and various Neo-tropical songbirds. Since the sale area is adjacent to the Strawberry Wilderness, sale units could be used by wide-ranging Wolverine (know to exist in the area) and Canada Lynx (sighted in the Ochoco Mountains as recently as 1997 and known to historically exist on the Prairie City Ranger District and to prefer higher elevation, deeper snow habitat with Lodgepole pine and Snowshoe hare. ) some sale units are currently providing habitat for Pileated woodpecker.

The Forest Service is ignoring its legal mandate to protect listed and Management Indicator species that are already sing the habitat. The District also plans to commercially log, thin and burn in Riparian Habitat Conservation Areas despite the Oregon water quality listing (as threatened) of Lake Creek and the impaired status of Crooked Creek, both of which currently provide habitat for Threatened-listed Bull trout and which are adjacent to sale units. The potential for sedimentation into these creeks is high due to inadequate buffers, adjacent haul roads and steep slopes. And skidtrails leading to creeks.

Comment Deadline was June 3rd.

phone: phone: (541) 468-2028